I started quilting in November 2012 but I have a love for a variety of arts and cooking/baking activities. After running out of room on Facebook, I needed a new outlet to express my creativity, so here is my blog!! I wanted a place to share ideas, discuss designs and show the final creations. I was hoping to find and be part of a bigger community of people with similar interests, which I have. While looking for a name for my blog, I thought of Jack/Jill of all trades, master of none seemed appropriate (based on my varied interests at the time) but they were taken. “Factotum of Arts” however, with similar meaning was available.

I have discovered a love for creating modern quilt designs and making the designs a reality. I like to share that passion with the community, and advocate for everyone to try new techniques or skills. It’s never to late.

I am a proud kiwi (born in Auckland, New Zealand), who decided to travel round the world. I have currently settled in North Carolina, USA with my husband and 9-year-old son. I think my friends would describe me as passionate, generous who has a problem with buying fabric.

Anyway, enough rambling about me, I hope you enjoy my journey; all followers, commenters, likers are very welcome.

Email: ml_wilkie(at)hotmail(dot)com

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19 thoughts on “About

  1. Theresa

    Hi Michelle, I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments you’ve left on a couple of my posts. I loved reading your blog….keep up the gorgeous work.

  2. laurabehindthehedgerow

    Just checking out your blog – lovely stuff! Where do you live in NC? I live in Belgium but my mom is in the mountains of western NC – beautiful place (your photo makes me think you’re out by the coast). Hope you get some tangerine fabric and start creating! x

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      The photo was taken in New Zealand when visiting y family But we are not too far from the coast – in the Raleigh-Durham area….I have some tangerine – the crosshatch one. I do have a lot of orange in my collection 🙂

  3. Jeanette Fitzpatrick

    I just love your choices for colour inspiration. Who knew what magnificent colors could be hidden in such simple things e g the bird ( cockatiel? ) face, the cabbage head and the rose.

  4. crosstitchery

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Have a look at my blog for the rules, if you’d like to accept, and thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Richard Michell

    If you started to quilt while you were in New Zealand we may have mutual acquaintances, Hazel and John Wolff of Grandmother’s Garden in Hamilton. They are the major quilt shop in NZ and good friends.

    Marti Michell has developed another good use for fusible tape that you might want to try. It appears that your mind likes new ideas. You can see her idea for edge finishing small and medium projects easily, quickly, with no bulk in the seams. It also uses fusible tape. http://frommartimichell.blogspot.com/2013/09/fabulous-edge-finish-our-no-binding-no.html


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