Colour – A Blog Series


I am so excited to announce, this year-long blog series on Colour, specifically for quilters. I hope to make the series an interactive and practical study of color. Our goal is to provide you with resource tools, tips, ideas, processes, fabric selections choices, etc. Hopefully, making it easier for you to start playing and becoming more comfortable with color when creating your quilts.

What will the format be for the blog series?
We will have two posts per month.

The first post that will appear in the first week of the month, will be introducing the color, my view on using this color and a task/assignment for those interested in participating.  It will include some color specific examples but also include more general content that we plan to build on each month.

The second post of the month, coming out the third week of the month will be and introduction from our guest + linking to a post from our guest (see schedule below), exposing  you to a variety of processes from different people.

What is the schedule and who are the guests?
We have an amazing line up of guests that will be sharing their process, tips and/or resources.

Month Colour Guest/s
January Orange Myself
February Yellow Melanie Tuazon
March Blue Daisy Aschehoug
April Green Anne Sullivan
Coral/Peach Heather Jones
June Purple Sandi Sawa Hazlewood
Pink Alyce Blyth
Black/White Christa Watson
October Aqua/Teal Katarina Roccella
Grey Nicole Daksiewicz
Nydia Kehnle
December Red Nancy Purvis

How do you participate?
There will be two ways in which you can participate. Firstly, we will provide an activity at the being of the month that will help you on your color journey. There will be a link-up on the second post of the month, in which you can add your link and share with others.  Secondly, there will be an opportunity to add comments anytime based on prompts (or in general).

Will there be prizes/giveaways, if I participate?
There will be prizes for each monthly link-up and then a single giveaway once a quarter for those who leave a comment. Please check out our Sponsors Page (which will be updated as sponsors come on board).

Do you have a button I can use, if I participate?
Yes, please use this image and you can link to this page

How do I catch up on the information if I miss anything?
A summarized view of the blog posts, resource tools, tips etc will be maintained here, so you can catch up anytime.

What does this series not cover?
This series is not going to go in-depth in the theory side of colour, as it aimed at more practical application. However, we will provide resources where you can read up on it and there will be reference to how selections work and why.