Finished Blocks

My Block Patterns (available at Craftsy)

mosaicad62f5bbf9821497b6cce6be9dbddffcdcfbd5101. Pushme Pullme Block 1, 2. Teal Orange Royal_X_Plus Block, 3. Royal-X-Plus Block

NZ Bird Quilt (Patterns by Juliet @ Tartan Kiwi)

1. Finished Kiwi Cushion – Front, 2. Kea paper pieced block, 3. YellowEyedPenguin_FullBlock, 4. Kiwi – Paper Piecing, 5. Wax Eye Paper Pieced Block

Scrap-bee-licious bee blocks


IMG_85791. Grove Low Volume Block, 2. ScrapBeeLicious October Block Full, 3. Cold Colored Block, 4. Warm Colored Block

Tula Pink Blocksmosaic851ea84bd05a0f55382b97dc995c35379962b99d

1. Tula City Sampler Block 1, 2. Tula City Sampler Block 2, 3. Tula City Sampler Block 3, 4. Tula City Sampler Block 4, 5. Tula City Sampler Block 5, 6. Tula City Sampler Block 6, 7. Tula City Sampler Block 7, 8. Tula City Sampler Block 8, 9. Tula City Sampler Block 9, 10. TulaPinkSampler_Block64, 11. TulaPinkCitySampler_Block65, 12. TulaPinkCitySampler_Block66

Project Linus Blocksmosaic5458d2c860e74542705cc8c06c5ede64b943b0db1. Mosaic_Tiles, 2. Bluebells_Cabin, 3. Cordelias_Garden

Miscellaneous BlocksLowVolumeBlock



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