Home and Garden Design

My husband and I are first time home owners. We love our house and its location. We chose a great neighborhood that is close to a park, greenway and lake. Our house is in a cul-de-sac, and luckily the backyard is the wide and spacious while the front is narrow.

When we first moved in we repainted some of the walls of 4 rooms and slowly over time we have added, modified or moved some of our key pieces to change the overall design of the rooms. We have one completed probably two rooms, and the others are growing organically as we find things/objects. With this section, I am hoping to show some of our key pieces in each room, as we build the design of the rooms out.

Also, over the last year we started redesigning and transforming our back yard which is a very fun project for us and allows the family to spend time outdoors together.

If you have ideas to add to any of the posts, please do, we would love feedback. Keep a eye out for the posts 🙂


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