QDAD: Quilt Design a Day (Week 12)

I was really excited for this week, as it is a challenge week. The challenge: Find things around where you live and design a quilt from it. I was super excited to start, however so far I am struggling a little…it did not help that all I did all week was drive back and forward to work.

8 September: Challenge Day 1

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.36.45 PM

My first source of inspiration was our scalloped fence in the back yard.


Now that I look at these and think about the inspiration…I may have made these way to much like headstones. I played around with the color palette which I like both, I prefer the mustard background. It is amazing how much color and fabric choices change a design.

QDAD_ScallopFences_8September QDAD_ScallopFences_8September_dark

9 September: Challenge Day 2

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.36.32 PM

One of the first things I purchased when we moved into our house were these cool wood squares. They have a self adhesive on the back. I bought two packets,  which I then designed this layout in our guest bathroom.


That inspired this design. The first one using only the colors from the design palette of the day. I then started playing around by using orange. I still needed to make it brighter and have more contrast so teal was introduced in the last image.

QDAD_Squares_9September QDAD_Squares_9September_Orange QDAD_Squares_9September_teal_berry

10 September: Challenge Day 3

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.38.56 PM

We see  traffic lights everyday. I have always has this image of traffic lights making an interesting design as a quilt. That image was using improvisational piecing. Lucky for me, this palette came with the red, orange and green allowing me to stretch to this design of my traffic lights. I love the bright yellow solid background as it allows the other colors to pop against the improv black/grey piecing.


11 September: Challenge Day 4

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.36.12 PM

This photo was actually taken while on vacation in New Zealand. I love the look of the rock formations and really wanted to try to capture it.


My vision for this design did not translate well. I don’t really like the design. I think I would have like to try to do this design in a different tool like illustrator. I struggled with a vector only design tool. I would do this design with multiple over laid raw edge improvisation pieces which will be appliqued on.


12 September: Challenge Day 5

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.11.30 PM

I mentioned that all I did was drive to work and back most of the week. So what if you take the google map of your directions…

Well this is the design I got  from my map, using vector based design tool. I think I would like to bring the map into illustrator and play even more and more accurately translate the map. I do think this would make a very fun bias applique project.

14 September: Challenge Day 7

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.12.40 PM

I decided to use only two of the colors in this palette, the dark grey and cerise. I was inspired by a section of road I travel on at work which has these two crosswalks. One straight to one corner of the street and one diagonally to the other corner. I loved the simplicity of this.


That was the weeks challenge. I decided that over the next few weeks that I might choose a theme and try to use it in different ways to come up with my designs. Next week, I focus mostly on Plus designs.

Yay!! Made lots of progress

I have been a little quiet in the past week, but it was for the best, as I made huge amount of progress this week.

I have finally started quilting the Neighbourhood quilt. YAY!! I am still deciding on thread.
IMG_2451I am straight line quilting in angled sections, marking the sections with washi tape (painters tape would also work).

IMG_2518First off, I am using the Aurifil yellow variegated thread to see what it looks like and then I will decide if I use the other colors as well.
Projects and Progress

Project Target Date Current Status
Neighbourhood Quilt  20SEP2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT (UNDERWAY), BIND
Bjorn the Bear  20SEP2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Sew Mama Sew Project  29SEP2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Phased Circles Quilt  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Jungle Ave Tapa  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

I finished two quilt tops…here’s a sneak peek which is all I can show you.
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My son’s first sewing project

I am so exited to share this finish this week. It is my son’s first sewing project.

Don’t you love it when your child takes an interest in what you do? My son and I have always done art/craft projects together. Since I have taken up sewing, and he has gotten older (just turned 7), we don’t do as many projects together. Last weekend, he asked to have a go on my sewing machine….I think he likes the buttons on my new Janome.


We decided to make an iPad stand for his teacher. He did a great job and it turned out great and there was no need for the seam ripper (quick’n’pick).  His new 2nd Grade teacher loves it, and uses it in his classroom every day.


Surprisingly enough, he even helped again tonight, with a couple of my blocks for a current project. I will admit, I was a little nervous with this request, but it all turned out great. In a few years, maybe he will will be a part of NGAQB!!

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Goings on

Have you seen these great stationary items on Amazon.com designed by Sarah Watts?? Chrissy from Sew Lux Instagrammed a picture yesterday, I love them. I decided to get the Sketchbook so I can start capturing my design to reality planning/designing.
Elephant_NoteBook Hedgehog_DailyPlanner Lion_Sketchbook

My list from last month was so useful to me. I have decided to do it again. So here is what I am working on.

Projects and Progress

Project Target Date Current Status
Neighbourhood Quilt  20SEP2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Bjorn the Bear  20SEP2014 TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Sew Mama Sew Project  29SEP2014 TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Phased Circles Quilt  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

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Friday Night Sew Along: A night of backs (+ Winner)

I made a huge amount of progress last night and finished two backs for two of my quilts. Do you every think your backs could be quilts on their own and its sad that folks don’t get to see them as much.

I feel that way about both of these finishes. First up, the back of the “Neighbourhood” quilt is complete. It was made with the Oakshott cottons scraps from the front and Dottie, Cotton and Steel. Each of the blocks in the middle are 5″x 7″, so they are small.

Neighbourhood Backing

I think it complements the front well.

The second back, is for Bjorn the Bear. It uses another of Juliet’s (from Tartankiwi) patterns, an Angled Bear Paw Print. I loved the Feather River Bear print and so totally want to use it on the back, and thought it would look great with the bear print in an off white and rust colored solids.

BjornBear Backing

I love it!! Here’s a reminder of the front. The pattern for this 30×30″ bear is now in Juliet’s Craftsy store.

Both of these are on my must finish list this month, but again I will elect the Neighbourhood quilt as my A Lovely Year of Finishes for this month.

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Last bit of business….Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful comments and shared their projects on the Blogiversary post. I loved seeing them all. The winner of my Blogiversary giveaway is:
Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.11.24 PM
who is…Kay..who is most proud of learning to put zips into things like cushions and bags, it has extended my repertoire of what I can happily make.

Congratulations, I will be sending you an email soon to get your mailing details!!

QDAD: Quilt Design a Day (Week 10 & 11)

I had created a couple of designs, the week before last before taking a small break…so this is a combination of weeks. Here goes:

21 August: Coral Reef

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.33.33 PM
I loved this picture and colors. It reminded me of my Marine Sciences paper which studied reef topology and the dynamics of wave theory.

22 August: Fenced Pastures

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.33.23 PM

One of my husband’s favorite color combinations is green and yellow. Since today was our wedding anniversary and the color combination was available today…this is for him. QDAD_Crosses_22August

28 August: Cherie

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.32.19 PM

This design is inspired by some dashed pillows and rugs that I have seen around in magazines this season.


29 August: Fractured

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.31.05 PM

Inspired by the cliffs along the coast in Napier, New Zealand where you can see the layers of the earth and the fractures from the tectonic plates.


1 September: Pretty Little Liars

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.46.40 PM

The color palette I loved on this one, which was supplied by one of our members. This design was inspired by a cardigan I had seen in my TV obsession “Pretty Little Liars”.


2 September: Divided Circle

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.29.52 PM

Inspired by a Circular shelving unit currently available at the Land of Nod.


3 September: Sky Scraper

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.29.31 PM

I had this design originally in the color palette above and I did not like it at all, so this is take 2 in just black, white and grey.


That’s it, next week I am super excited as we are doing a challenge. Challenge = Use inspiration from the environment around you to inspire your design.

Starts and Finishes

I have 5 projects this week, I am concentrating on (the number kept growing as I wrote this, also with 5 concentrating may be the wrong word ;-)). I have two projects that I want to finish this week, 1 that is underway but I am hoping to get the top finished, so I can start  2 more projects.

One of the projects, I hope to finish this week is Bjorn the Bear. I have selected the fabric for the back, and I am keeping with the theme.

Bjorns Backing

The backing fabric is the new Feather River, Shroom Bear Hike, Birch Fabrics and I am pairing that with a rust looking Kona Cotton stripe.

For the two projects, I am thinking of starting, I have the idea and the fabric chosen out. The first one is something I am thinking of making for my son. It will use the new Vikings line from Alexander Henry.

VikingsProjectAre they not cute prints!.

The other project is one of my new designs (which will also appear in QDAD post tomorrow), using many of the prints from Cherie, Frances Newcombe’s new line.


So a busy week, which should be doable with the hubby out of town. Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button on the right).