Peach + Coral: A Colour Blog Series


This month is about one of my favorite colors, the peach/coral shades. When thinking about what to do this month, I realized I actually did not have that many projects, so this month you get to see some of my friends projects too.

Coral/Peach + Neutrals

Looking for soft looking projects, then the mix of peaches/corals with neutrals are a great choice.

Melissa (IG: meliherboth) made this stunning version of Denyse Schmidt’s Irish Chain quilt using white + Peach/corals.


Amy (IG: duringquiettime Blog: During Quiet Time)  mixed a neutral palette (white + grey) withe peaches and corals to make this crisp and clean-looking quilt “Melon Ice“. She even has a pattern available for this quilt.

Coral/Peach + Warm

I love matching the coral/peach colors with other warm colors. This zipper pouch project was one of the first things I ever made with the Les Amis Fabric range.The peaches and brown’s that it came in that line, are some of my favorite brown prints today.


Other great warm color combination’s that have worked with peach is this one. You will see more of this project soon, as it’s almost finished. The peachy colors used in this project adds depth, as they are lower volume than the oranges and purples.


Coral/Peach + Cool

I also love a good mint or aqua match-up with coral/peach colors. These cooler colors make add a great balance to projects. This bag from Patchwork Please, was my first ever bag. I loved the play of patchwork of colors of coral, peach, yellow, purple, orange against the solid aqua pocket background.


Amy’s project “Pointed Statement” uses the deeper blues to give a great contrast to the peaches and corals. With the variations in shapes and the shades of the two colors, I love how your eye just can’t help but to wander over the quilt – provides great movement.2015-04-22-IMG_0489bb

Amanda (IG: amandadare31) used the peaches and cooler colors from the fabric line “Hello, Bear” to produce this amazing triangle quilt. This would make such a great neutral baby quilt. Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.46.18 PM

Coral + Multi-colored

This last project, uses a great mix of warm and cool colors with peach + coral adding to the warmer palette. Sarah’s (IG: SarahSchrawDesigns, Blog: Sarah Quilts) has done a fabulous job interpreting Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl Quilt vintage but modern feel to this quilt.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing other projects from the quilting community this month.

Monthly Tip

Do you have an old solids Color Card (eg. the kona color card)?

Cut it up into individual pieces and play with finding a palette that works. I find starting with 4 colors is easiest and then think about the balance these 4 bring. Do you need to add more variation or depth, add an additional 2 colors. Note: More than 6 will make it more difficult and you could lose cohesiveness.

Monthly Resources

Books: Simply Color Series by Vanessa Christenson

Website: Color Matters

Monthly Challenge

This challenge is a mini research project, and hopefully expanding your inspiration focus. Find an artist (fine arts – oil, printing, painting, drawing) who uses peaches and corals in their work.  What other colors do they use with this color palette? Now try to recreate this color palette using your own prints and/or solids. Next week, I will provide you a link-up in the guest post introduction, to add your fabric pull with description of the artist (and link) to the pieces of work you were inspired by.

The prize this month is a 6 piece peach and coral bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics and a $20 Gift card from the Fat Quarter Shop. Winner will be announced in next month’s first post.

Winner for Last Month

I was so happy to hear how much you all are enjoying the posts. The winner of last month’s draw is Momi machts. I will be emailing you shortly to get your details.


8 thoughts on “Peach + Coral: A Colour Blog Series

  1. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    I have surprised myself with how I have grown in my sense of color as a person because of quilting. I used to shy very strongly away from pink / peach / coral, but now I can openly embrace and enjoy using (and seeing them). I still might not choose them for clothing, but it’s real growth for me! This challenge sounds fun and I am looking forward to giving it a try.

  2. mlwilkie Post author

    Bright pink was scary to use for me too. The other one for me is pastels but the pillows recently allowed me to stretch there. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your project.

  3. katechiconi

    I love to use coral as a fresher alternative to reds in some contexts, but find peaches a bit, well, blah… Not properly pink, not pale enough to be neutral. The Melon Ice design appeals most to me because I find it very balanced whilst at the same time being bright and fresh.

  4. Lindsay

    I’ve got a good pull of peach and coral for a heart quilt I’m hoping to make soon! Good post!

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  6. Kim Beidler

    I love this series!! It’s so great. When I started reading this month’s I thought about how little I use peach and coral. Especially peach… but when I read your challenge I immediately thought of a piece of artwork that I own that I’ve always loved. It has peaches, corals with a clear almost turquoise blue with some grey/browns that is stunning!! I’ll do the challenge for sure. Thanks for your interesting and thought provoking posts.

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