Quilt Journaling

I have always jotted down ideas, kept inspirational images around, stored great color palettes but everything is usually all over the place. After Melissa @meliherboth presented her quilt journal, I was determined to consolidate and keep a better record for myself.

I suppose I kind of already do that here on this blog, but the journal offers me a tactile option, something physical. That truly appealed to me.


I use these sketchbooks, which have these great covers are designed by Sarah Watts. I love the blank pages and the thickness of the pages are perfect when adding the glue. Oh, yes I get to glue, play with layout and some drawing.


What do I put on the pages as a keepsake, you might ask? It really depends on what that particular quilt inspires me to include. I so like looking at the variation between quilts.

Some basic information I always include though:

  • Name of quilt
  • Finished Size of quilt
  • Quilting description or if I send it off for quilting and by who
  • Date it was finished (a complete finish)
  • A collection of fabrics that went into the quilt
  • Inspiration / Spark for the quiltJournal_Fractions

Variable information:

  • If it is a block based quilt – I include measurements of the block so I can write it up or remake in future.
  • Block layout or color layout options or various sizes.
  • If it is improv. – what limits am I using, any key designs I have used and the inspiration for those designs.
  • If new techniques – I add notes on what I have learned along the way (hand-stitching notes)
  • Quilting design ideas
  • Design changes along the way

Once the project is finished, I take Polaroids of quilt (using a Fujifilm Instax Camera). These I place in an envelope which is glued to the page…a finishing touch for the quilts.

I must say, I love the creative side of making the journal. A little like project work back in school.

How do you all keep track of your quilts? Do you journal? What do you add to the pages?





7 thoughts on “Quilt Journaling

  1. Teje

    Great idea and looks beautiful! I love to make and keep journals but I’m affraid how much time this one would take. I already have many notebooks for ‘in momen’ ideas, inspirations etc. x Teje

  2. Judy Hudgins

    I try and do something like this. I also include my knitting/crocheting/sewing in it also. But I really love seeing other artist’s sketchbooks. Thanks for sharing

  3. Peggy Pirillo

    Wow – you are so organized! I do keep quilt journals, with date finished, who it was made for, fabric lines used, name of pattern and maker of the pattern, other important notes about the quilt and a picture. But sketches are usually just on scraps of paper – guess I should get that a little more organized. Thanks for this insight.

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