Aqua + Teal: A Colour Blog Series

I love using aqua and teal in quilts, though aqua tends to be more common. There is so much variation in fabrics on the market today with these particular colors. I use them  often to add a pop of color, as a great intermediate color or to add more depth to a blue color palette.

Aqua + Teal with Blue

This quilt, that I recently finished for my son, is an example of adding a little more depth and variation to this very blue color palette. The use of teal and aqua helps the eye to continue to move over the quilt.


Aqua + Teal as a focal point

I used aqua with these improv. blocks originally just as a filler. As the blocks came together the aqua provided a focal point and pulls the viewer in.


Likewise, with this warm color palette the aqua stripes provide a focal point for the eye to rest within strong and busy prints.


Aqua + Teal balancing color

I use aqua and teal as a balancing color a lot. This first quilt, Moorish Pyramids, is made using Imprint line from Katarina Roccella. I love this line and for this quilt I was using the greys, whites and navy as neutrals.  The aqua and mustard provide the focus and balance for this quilt.


Another line from Katarina, Wonderland, is such a great girls line. As I was playing with the pinks and browns, I realized I needed something to balance this warm palette. The aqua print was perfect for adding the balance. And who would not like those great girl characters in this print.


The aqua and teal within Jungle Ave Tapa, provides a balance to the hot pink and the starkness of the white, without taking over the other colors. IMG_0406

Lastly, the aqua and teal in Phased Circles quilt, is a great intermediate color that worked alongside of the 3 warm colors; mustard, orange and hot pink. I do not think the blue or green would work as well with these. PhasedCirclesComplete

Aqua and Teal for Christmas

I like to use aqua, red and grey as an alternative to the traditional green and red palette for Christmas.  It’s one of my favorite combinations and used here for my Christmas Stocking.

Winner – Giveaway

The winner for this month, the $50 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Card and Fabric Bundle of Katarina Roccella’s Art Gallery Prints is Cathy W. Congratulations!! I will email you shortly for your details.

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