March {Plan}

Wow, it is March already. Where did February go?? Let’s get down to business, and plan out the rest of the month….lots to do on this end. I am happy with the progress I have made over the last two months….though not necessarily in all aspects (ie. the book is still moving but slowly). Some of the highlights include:

  • Business: Complete Teaching Plan and submitted to LQS + Classes are scheduled for Q1 + Q2, Supply lists sent
  • Book: Finished Project Plan
  • Book: Finished Border 2 for Art Deco Medallion
  • Deadline: Send finish quilt and pattern for magazine
  • Deadline: Wrote and sent article for MQG
  • Deadline: Sent quilt to Quiltcon
  • Deadline: Finish #mqgswap item
  • Attended QuiltCon

So, the latter 1/2 of this month I would like to focus on my book. Here are some of the key activities I would like or must accomplish.

Category Project/Activity Target Date (day/month) Action
Business Quickbooks  3/6  Purchase + add financials
Business Submit Taxes + Annual report 3/11 Pay someone to do this
Business Phased Circles Pattern for Class in April 3/16 Send to Graphic Designer for layout
Business Teach Improvisation Class 3/17 Preparation Complete
Deadline Interview|Article 3/5 Complete
Book Group Quilt  3/5 Sent for quilting – Complete
Book Manicured Garden Quilt 3/18 Send for quilting
Book Chapter: “Art Deco
3/31 Finalize Content for Chapter
Book Art Deco Medallion
 3/31 Finish Border 3+4
Book Chapter: “Manicured Gardens” 3/31 Finalize Content for book
Fun Monthly “Favorite
Things” Giveaway
 3/5 Complete
Fun Traveling Stitches Blocks  3/5 Complete
Blog Month Plan  3/5 Complete
Blog Book Update  3/8 Planning your book
Blog Blog hop post 3/12 Complete
Blog MQGMiniSwap 3/17 Complete
Blog How to Submit to a Magazine 3/24 Write Post
Blog Traveling Stitches 2018 3/31 Write Post
Balance Health 3/31 Loose between 10 pounds. Increase vegetables; 8 glasses of water and exercise 3x a week by March end.

I am interested in those that are running a business or growing your quilting hobby, what do you plan out or do to keep track of everything?

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