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On the angle {a finish}

Just before Christmas, I made a couple of mini quilts as gifts. I have not shared those makes with you yet. One of those quilts was a striking black and white minimal quilt.



This quilt was inspired based on a drain cover discovered on our family walk around the neighborhood. I loved the diagonal pattern of lines.



During the design phase I used those 45 degree lines in the top part of the design. In the drain you have this bar 1/2 way across the lines, giving it a broken line feel. For me, that translated into this break a a random angle with the lines then being distorted back the opposite angle. fullsizeoutput_13c6


The creation was relatively simple, using PBS White solid and black fabric at 1″ unfinished, I stitched 16 pieces together. Making sure the angles were at a 45 degrees I then cut an angle that closely matched the design above. The remaining fabric, I removed the excess lines and added a much larger white section to the stripes for the lower negative space.  I lined up and pined where the lines best connected. Once pinned, I cut the fabric at the appropriate angle and stitched the two pieces together. It was both liberating and a little scary as I did not measure or carefully planned these connections. Luckily, it turned out as expected.



As this was a small piece, I kept the quilting design simple. I stitched about 1/8″ from exhaustion of the stitched lines (both sides of the line). I did not bind the quilt to finish, as the final piece was framed and ready to be hung.


I swapped this gift for 6 ginger pear galettes from a local baker, Meg. The family loved them. So amazing (including the extra banana pecan bundt cake that was added)!!



Name : On the Angle
 Original Design
Fabric: Black & White Painters Palette Solids, Paintbrush studios
12 x 14 in.
Quilted: Straight line quilting using Aurifil #2021


I have been a little on the slow side sharing some of the great news over the last 4 months or so. The first is that I was lucky enough to be included in Uppercase new encyclopedia “Quilted“.  This volume includes two types of articles, Artist Profiles and Interview and Quilt Stories. My quilt, Sunday Best, was selected for one of the quilt stories. I am so happy in getting to celebrate Sunday Best in this beautiful book.

The celebrations continues though. At QuiltCon this year, I shared a room with a friend who woke me up with gleeful text messages and then a wake-up call, to explain that Sunday Best published in Quilted was highlighted by Mel Giedroyc (on her new instagram account @melgquilting). I was like who??? Since then, I now know that she was one of the presenters/judges from The Great British Bake Off, who has started a new and the funniest weekly podcast, Mel Giedroyc is Quilting. I listen every week, and am honored for the mention.


In January, I received my copy of Curated Quilts issue 10: Black & White. Inside was my article on learning how to see the world around you to find inspiration for quilt design. This was the first time, my photographs were also published, which I was super excited about. The photos are my forever memories from a trip to New York, Morocco and a family beach vacation I took last year. When I saw Amy and Christine, they commented on how much they loved the photo’s. They also suggested I submit again. Yay!!


Lastly, in Curated Quilts Issue 11: Appliqué, Manicured Gardens was curated into the issue as one of Gallery quilts. This issue is so special, as it also includes quilts from my close friends, Ginny Robinson and Melissa Herboth (our quilts share gallery pages).


I am super excited to start my year off like this. Who knows what else will come for 2020?

Surviving COVID-19 Quarantine

Who knew that we would find ourselves self-quarantining for at least 12 weeks, wearing handmade masks when we go out, and worrying about 6 feet apart rules. Yesterday, here at home in NC, we finished 6 weeks of quarantine; my company has extended the work from home policy through May 31st; schools in NC are now finishing the year out at home until early June.  I am relieved and thankful that the government and my company are thinking of people’s safety. But y’all it’s been scary.


I can honestly say that we are doing ok. It has not been all roses. There are days where anxiety gets the best of me and that usually means I can’t sleep. My husband, son and I, though, have got into a good routine. I am somehow, surprisingly, managing work (constant conference calls that can be from 8am – 9pm), supervising school activities, and getting food on the table.

We are adapting to talking to family in different continents at least once a week instead of one or twice a month. It is hard knowing that you can not see them in these times, especially your parents and for us when one of our siblings (my husband’s) is hospitalized, not for COVID other health issues. Thankfully, they are back at home and everyone is doing well.  We are still hopeful that we may make it home (NZ) for Christmas.

Adapting and managing would not be possible though, if I didn’t find balance in doing more creative things. I took a vacation day a couple of weeks ago and just enjoyed being out in the sun in our backyard, spending time collaging, stitching and drawing. It was very calming and stress free. Likewise, updating my quilting journal, cutting fabric swatches, gluing designs images and inspiration photos down, and making notes….it’s just enjoyable. FYI….I hit 50 quilts documented in my journal this week and amazingly I have 31 of those finished. The other 19 are at various stages from not started to tops complete.

And then what would you do without friends?? They are there when my day goes south, if we need to complain about our kids or just share good news. (BTW, if you have not seen John Krasinski’s Some Good News you should). FaceTime once a week with an alcoholic beverage has been a much needed touch point. We just catch-up on all the craziness in our lives.  A couple of weeks ago, we even got together over zoom and sewed a Juniper basket together. It was almost like being in each others sewing spaces, chatting, laughing and enjoying each others company (almost).

I have been thinking too, that I wish I had invested in a flour or yeast company at the moment. I did join the bread making movement this past week too. I have been finding baking, in general, has been rewarding. It has just been nice to have a sweet on hand every week that folks can grab and enjoy for snack. We have enjoyed Chocolate chip cookies, Oatmeal Raisin cookies, Orange Lightening cake, Chocolate nut and raisin bars and fresh No knead bread. This weekend, Lemon Pound cake is on the menu.

The only thing, right now, I wish I could improve on is exercise. I was hoping during this period that I would be able to walk more but that hasn’t happened as much as I wanted. So let’s see. My new challenge for myself, this week, is to get to bed between 10:30 and 11pm, and walk between 7-8 am every week day.

I hope you are all staying safe and doing what you need to get through.  Thinking of you all, especially my friends on the front lines, those in New York area, Italy and Spain. I would love to hear about your coping mechanisms.  What new skill are you learning? What are you, family and friends are doing to stay in touch? What are you baking? Any good recipes?