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Weekend plans

Being the last week of work, before the Christmas break, I have lots of things to finish for Christmas gifts this weekend. I am not sure I can get it all done but here’s my list to keep things in check.

Customer Orders:

  • Lemon and Orange Coffee Cup Sleeve and placemat
  • Fall colored gift card pocket
  • Aqua and Orange gift card pocket
  • Gift card pocket

Christmas Gifts:

  • Quilt and Bind the following Coffee Cup Sleeves
    • 2 x Black
    • 1 x Coffee Bean
    • 1 x Orange/Red
    • 1 x Blue
    • 1 x Earthy
  • Coffee cup sleeves made from scratch
    • 1 x Purple
    • 2 x Penguin
    • 2 x Red
    • 1 x Blue
  • Miscellaneous things to make
    • 4 Seasons Quilt
    • Named Cushion Covers
    • Finish Husband’s Christmas Stocking
    • 2 x e-reader covers/pockets
    • Bake Biscotti
    • Bake Ginger nut cookies

Anyway, back to trying to get some of this check list done. I’ll post on Monday my progress.