G is for Giraffe

Sean, my son, is tracked out (vacation) from school (kindergarden) for the next 3 weeks; and his teacher gave him a journal for him to keep track of his activities. To fill that book we are doing lots of different activities.

Our first track out art project was creating a giraffe from the Eco Crafts Kit by Alex.

It turned out great. We made some changes to the directions, mostly since the glue stick does not do a great job sticking the pieces together. The changes we made included my son coloring the legs instead of using paper to decorate, and also we used 2 pipe cleaners to hold the leg pieces and attach to the main body.

Sean enjoys taking his own photos, here is the one he took of his Giraffe.

In his track out journal he captured a drawing of his giraffe, and labelled it “Giraf” (with a post correction)…he did great sounding out all the letters.

He told me the cutest story about what he knows about Giraffes, we captured it also in his journal:

“Giraffes eat grass, trees and leaves. They use their necks to reach the high leaves.”

What can I say – very proud of my son, and love doing the crafty activities with him.

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