Goal this week: Relax….ahhh!!!

We have just arrived to our vacation spot in the mountains of North Carolina, to stay 4 nights and 3 days…time to relax, ahhh. We have never been here in October, so we are hoping to see the great autumn (fall) colors start to come in.

This week, I am hoping to post beautiful photos and some of the results of our relaxing time here. Yes, I carried my sewing machine and craft activities with me. I am happy to say though, that the family have put a 1 hour restriction on electronics, which actually feels very liberating.

Here are some photos of the cabin and its view, from August 2010 – we are staying in the same cabin.

Inside the cabin (this is a view of the 1st and 2nd levels; the is an additional floor in the below):


View across the valley from the deck:

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