Finish it up Friday {09.05.2013}

A short post today, I finished making my custom order for 5 wide 3 pocket chair bags. I love how they turned out. As they are a little wider than usual I used some additional interfacing to strengthen the pockets.


Front: 20″ wide x 24″ long
Back: 20″ X 6″

Don’t you love the whale fabric !!!

IMG_7271 IMG_7272

I got a second order of chair bags this week at my Etsy store – Squeek Crafts. So great news for my store!!

Linking up with Amanda Jean @ CrazyMomQuilts and Quilt Matters who is hosting the TGIF (thank goodness it’s Friday)

17 thoughts on “Finish it up Friday {09.05.2013}

  1. Natasha K.

    Thank you so much Michelle for providing a link to my fabric on Spoonflower, you made my day!!! Your work is great, I love these pocket chair bags!

  2. Judy Hudgins

    I saw your site on the comments for a giveaway and you stated you where from New Zealand and now live in Cary, NC. I have lived in the Cary/Raleigh area for the past 25 years and just moved to Montana! We may have seen each other in a store before and never knew it.

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