Sneak Peek + Angel Oak, Johns Island, South Carolina

We arrived in Charleston, South Carolina late Saturday. While on vacation, over the next week, I will be mixing up vacation photos and sewing/quilting projects that I am finishing (with those 4 hours a day ;-)). So far:

  • We spent 1 day at the beach, close to our rental – Seabrook Island which was great as it has one side on the Atlantic and the other side in a coastal lagoon – perfect for kids.
  • Today, we got in our first part of sight-seeing in, we went to Angel Oak Tree, an oak tree that has been aged to be greater than 400-500 years old (shown in the pictures below). We also visited Downtown Charleston where we went on a Horse drawn city tour and visited Old Market City. We really enjoyed the city tour with the horse-drawn carriage and the knowledgeable guide. I would recommend Old South Carriage Co. for the tours around Charleston.
    AngelOak_Full_SC AngelOak_Full2_SC AngelOak_CloseUp_SC
  • Here’s a sneak peek of one of the sewing projects I finished yesterday. I have 2 fabric give aways later this week, sponsored by Jumping Birds…come back Friday. These are perfect for going back to school projects.

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peek + Angel Oak, Johns Island, South Carolina

  1. mindingmomma

    Don’t you love Old Charleston. I can’t remember how many wedding couples and senior pictures I’ve seen photographed by that tree. Sneaky people getting around the crowds and such to do it. Hope your 4 hours a day has been productive and that the weather holds out for the rest of the week.

  2. clumsykristel

    The triple zip looks adorable! Love those tiny little apples!

    What an interesting/beautiful tree. I can see why the commenter above mentioned a lot of people getting wedding photos taken there, it looks perfect for something like that, just dramatically beautiful.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you, the fabric is wonderful and from a independent designer which makes it even more fun, some up for grabs later this week.

      Charleston has the best oak trees and spanish moss….wonderfully dramatic.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      nope unfortunately signs to not climb on the tree which Sean was not happy about….you can understand look at how great that tree would be for climbing 😀


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