Sunday Stash #11 – Independent designers at Spoonflower

I was lucky enough recently to get a free gift certificate to  Over the last few months, I have found more and more fabrics & designers I like…there are so many opportunities.

Here are some of my recent purchases (left to right):
“Annika – diamond” designer Heather Dutton
“Bestrewn” designer Heather Dutton
“Discontinuous Line” designer Alex Morgan (Spellstone)
“Featherland Grey” designer Leanne Hatch
Chalk Tribal Stripe” designer Leanne Hatch
“Trig and Triangles” designer Elishka Jepson
“Multiplying Multiples” designer Elishka Jepson


I got an extra option to select a fabric swatch , and I wanted to see how these saturated prints were. “Red” from designer Hanna Ruusulampi – she has wonderful saturated prints…I can see me buying – I love her prints!!Sample_Spoonflower_11


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #11 – Independent designers at Spoonflower

  1. Sarah from mila+cuatro

    Thanks for sharing these, Michelle, I am particularly fond of Trig and Triangles, Bestrewn and Featherland Grey. I haven’t shopped with Spoonflower for a while now, I might have to have a little browse and reacquaint myself with it.

  2. clumsykristel

    I somehow find it impossible to find things I like on Spoonflower, but I guess I’m not searching the right way or something… maybe I’ve just got too specific of ideas in mind when I look. (Well, the things I have found and loved anyway, I’ve not bought because I’m not supposed to be buying… but still.) Anyway, as per usual, you’ve found some pretty awesome stuff 😀


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