Scrap-bee-licious July Block: Drunkard Path

We are nearing the end of our Scrap-bee-licious bee group, two months to go. For July, I am queen. It took me a while to choose my design. I wanted a design that could be a challenge but fun. So, I decided to look at what I would like to do, have not tried, and needed a little push to get started. The decision…drunkard path blocks.

I have been collecting inspiration on Pinterest for a while, I have included links below, please refer back to original posts
1. Source: Mel in the attic 2. Source: I like orange 3. Source: Very Kerry Berry 4. Source: Craftsy – She Can Quilt  5. Source: Tamarack Shack 6. Source: Zen Chic – Modern Metro Pattern 7. Source: Red Pepper Quilts 8. Source: Mel in the attic 9. Source: Caribousmom

My Bee Block: 
I would like drunkard path blocks which have the circle part made with one of these colors (preferably the 5 right colors). These can be either solid or print (just no prints with animals or characters on it and modern fabrics please).
Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.21.05 PM

The outer ring should be a solid neutral such as in the Kona ranges (which you do not have to use)….Bone, Neutral, Oyster, White, Sliver or Shadow.

Here is an example:

I do not as yet have a plan on how I am using the blocks. But we are going to use the template E and F at the back of ” A Quilter’s Mixology” for the drunkard path block. It makes a 7″ block. The sewing instructions are on pages 14-16. Everyone in Scrap-bee-licious, who has confirmed their addresses has a book on its way 🙂

Scrap-bee-licious folks, let me know if you have any other questions.  Hopefully that clarifies it somewhat.

3 thoughts on “Scrap-bee-licious July Block: Drunkard Path

  1. Renee

    You sent everyone a book?! That is so awesome. This quilt is going to be lovely in those colors, and the drunkard path block is so versatile!


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