QDAD: July Installment 2

I got to put together another round of sparks this month. I love seeing what other people do with the palettes. Check them out on our facebook page. Below are my photo sparks/palettes and the designs I came up with this last week of July.

 26 July: Vatican City


I thought I would start of with a brighter palette. I wanted to play with different designs row by row and build up the overall quilt.

27 July: Astronomical Clock, Prague, Czech Republic

I used the window on the right side of the clock as the inspiration of the design. Its not a favorite of mine but in all fairness of showing my design process – here’s one I would do over.QDAD_27JUL2015

 28 July:  Ericeira, Lisbon Portugal (Coastal town)imm036_35-19-palette

I love the blues and the whites of this quaint coastal town. I used the umbrella’s and awning as inspiration. I used improv blocks in a Mediterranean feel. This definitely one of my favorite but I might try some softer colors.QDAD_28JUL2015

29 July: Scottish Castle

This is the favorite of the week. I decomposed, somewhat, the crosses in the stain glass windows into two parts. I really like the secondary shapes that form. I kept the warmer color palette around the edges and the more neutral palette for the center. QDAD_29JUL2015

30 July: Iron Gate in CharlestonIMG_7943-palette

I love the neutral color palette. The variations in the wrought iron gate inspired the creation of various blocks to make up this design. This was version 3 (and my favorite of the 3), as I needed to play with the diagonal blocks.

The first version I thought that diagonal block was too heavy, so I removed the border in version 2. I then did not like the same block across the diagonal so I replace the middle block with diamonds. The last one I added here, I have been playing with the C+S Tinsel colors thinking it might make a good Christmas quilt (??)
QDAD_30JUL2015   QDAD_30JUL2015(1)   QDAD_30JUL2015(3)

31 July: Wrought Iron, Bonaventure Cemetery, SavannahIMG_9737-palette

I got stuck on the vertical lines of the gate from the day before, hence the design of lines. Again, not one of my favorites this week but I do like the layered look the design offers. It would make an interesting improv. project.


16 July: Extra Design
This was one of my designs from another spark. I was going for a minimalistic approach of a shop front door frame elements of triangles and blocks.


Please Note: If you would like to make or use one of my designs, please email me (ml_wilkie(at)hotmail(dot)com) or leave a comment below. I am happy to talk with you on options and provide the relevant measurements etc. or have you test out a pattern. Also, if you use one of my designs, please use the following text to credit me the design: “Designed by Michelle Wilkie @ Factotum of Arts”.

2 thoughts on “QDAD: July Installment 2

  1. Renee

    What a fun collection of inspiration photos, colors and quilt patterns! I love the mix of sharp angles and curves you pick out for your designs.


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