Abstract, Improvisation, Intent

Our Guild has decided to participate in the QuiltCon Charity Challenge 2016. The theme is Improv with intent and it uses a limited color palette. I have been so inspired by #beesewcial (check out the hashtag on IG) that I was so excited about this challenge, even though the color palette is a little scary (1/2 the colors very bold, the other 1/2 very neutral).

Our guild did things a little different but playing in the rules:

  • Each person was allowed to pick fat eighths of any or all the colors that the MQG had selected.
  • We chose to stick with solids only.
  • Also, we added that the block must have a triangle in the design.
  • One block required by each person who collected F8’s.

I am so inspired right now with the abstract movement, I think that you will definitely see that in both my designs. My first design, I wanted to use the white, black and grey in stripes and just have pops of color. ImprovIntent_Design1

That turned into this…
I loved the whole process of using no rulers and just using my rotary cutter, ignoring 1/4 seam allowance as I pieced pieces together.  It made it seem so much quicker (maybe 30 minutes).  I had plenty of fabric left over.

That night, I was thinking about how the past week at work, deadlines and having family visiting had made me feel a little more stressed/pressured lately. I was trying to relax and the idea of a second block popped into my head, opposing triangles pushing down (or up) on a line. I literally jumped off the sofa and put the idea into this next improv block.

I have to say this is one of my favorite blocks ever. I really wish I was making the whole quilt :-)…maybe over Christmas break I can come back to playing/experimenting.

It is so fun seeing my guild’s and other guild’s blocks coming alive….check out #quiltconcharityquilt.


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