Green: Guest Post {Anne Sullivan}


Last week, the monthly post for Green: A Colour Blog Series went live, check it out as there is a great give-away open to everyone.

Introducing Anne Sullivan

I am so delighted to have Anne Sullivan from Play Crafts as a guest this month. Anne has been an inspiration to me and really helped me, find who I am as a quilter, by starting Quilt Design a Day. She is super talented, and if you are part of The Modern Quilt Guild you would recognize her Quilt of the Month entries: City Lights (Mar 2016), Phoenix Quilt (Sep 2015).  Her post is an interesting one, as she talks about her journey of discovery with green and how she now finds it a great supportive color.

Fabric Pulls for Green

Also in this post, I want to provide some fabric pulls of current choices people could have with the various greens, which I did not do in the last post. Let’s start by highlighting my two favorite fabric lines/collections that are my go to for green.

  1. Carolyn Friedlander: Not only does her lines usually include green but you can use her lines as a great color palette choice when trying to find other colors to go with green.

    Green Palette (all currently available)

    [All available at Hawthorne Threads, except 7: Botanics Leaf print and 8: Botanics Lines print]

    Co-ordinated Palette from Carkai (all available at Hawthorne threads)


  2. Cotton and Steel: Produce great basics for so many colors. They have varying depth and range (forest green, bright green, mint, citron etc.), so I definitely like adding them to my green stash. (Prints available at Hawthorne Threads)

Other Green Color palette choices

1. Bonnie Christine; 2. Katarina Roccella; 3. Cotton + Steel; 4. Leah Duncan; 5. Amy Sinibaldi; 6. Sarah Jane; 7. AGF Studios; 8. AGF Studios; 9. Alison Glass

1. Tamara Kate; 2. Cori Dantini; 3. Heather Ross; 4. Tula Pink; 5. Jessica Jones; 6. Lizzie House; 7. Ann Kelle; 8. Ink and Spindle; 9. Frances Newcombe

If you are looking for previous posts, check out the home page here. Otherwise, I’ll see you the same place here next month!! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Green: Guest Post {Anne Sullivan}

  1. janequiltsslowly

    I love green from deep forest to mint to lime and aqua. Thanks for adding the fabric selections. They get my imagination going.

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