Looking Forward | 2017

I have been contemplating what my goals are this year, and to be honest I don’t really have any defined goals.

I do, however, have things I want to do more of:

  • Be more engaged with a wider quilting community.
  • Kept expanding and learning my quilt style.
  • Teach more quilt classes this year. New class offerings are coming later this month.
  • Release a few more quilt patterns. Start with the previously released magazine submissions.
  • Submit quilts to one or more Quilt shows.
  • Work on a couple of magazine submissions and additional content submissions.

I would also like to finish at least half of these WiPs this year:

1. Orange Creamsicle; 2. Home; 3. Rangers Station; 4. Tree-lined Street; 5. Lines Drawn; 
6. Bjorn the Bear; 7. Aerial Quilt; 8. Tapa Cloth Star; 9. Stitch and Flip

I have a couple of other things brewing but still working on defining them. So, that’s my loose plan for 2017. What about you all?

5 thoughts on “Looking Forward | 2017

  1. Laura

    Your WIPs are the most beautiful I’ve seen! I’ll look forward to seeing them finished, or at least some of them, this new year. Laura

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  2. Carol Swift

    I’ve not written down any goals, but I’m trying to avoid piling on too many projects that will overwhelm me. I’d also like to finish some UFO’s. Since I’ve tried to do this every year, maybe this will be the year of actually succeeding at it. Love your Bjorn bear and now I want to add it to my to-do list this year. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Erin

    I have a list… But it’s kind of epic and overwhelming, so I’m just pretending it’s not really there! My big goal for 2017 is to make things that make me happy. Looking forward to seeign all that you do in 2017.
    E xx


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