Safari Moon Fractal Quilt {a finish}

Last month, I was digging around my WiP pile and found a finished 60 x 60″ quilt top. This is one of my early quilts from 2014, and one of a few made from a pattern. The pattern is Fractal from the book Quilt Lab.


I made a decision last year, that if I did not have a quilting plan for myself to execute on, it was ok to send quilts off to my LQS for long-arming. That is what I did with this one. I dropped it off to Cary Quilting Company, decided on an edge to edge Baptist fan design and ~$90 later (includes batting) I have a finished quilt.


It was perfect timing too, as a friend’s daughter just turned one, and she is now a proud owner of her own quilt.


I did find it interesting reflecting on where I started to where I am now, but relieved to say that this is off my WiP pile.


Name: Safari Moon Fractal
Fractal from Quilt Lab (Alexandra Winston)
Fabric: Safari Moon, Frances Newcombe, Art Gallery Fabrics + Variety of solids
Backing: Tula Pink Free Fall wide back
Binding: Utopia, Frances Newcombe, Art Gallery Fabrics
Dimensions:  60 x 60″
Quilted: Baptist Fan @ Cary Quilting Company





7 thoughts on “Safari Moon Fractal Quilt {a finish}

  1. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    I like that you gave yourself permission to put a quilt out to be longarm quilted by someone else. And what a beautiful birthday gift for your friend’s daughter. I hope you have/had a happy and safe 4th of July!

  2. Emily

    Such a colourful quilt and it seems worth it to get it quilted at $90 🙂 I came on to say ‘hooray’ because the lovely threads you posted to me arrived today 🙂 I really look forward to trying them out, thanks Michelle x

  3. quiltfairy33

    A win-win on finishing this quilt! Reminds me that Safari Moon is one of my favorite collections. It’s about time for me to cut into it! Good plan to sometimes send out for quilting – it’s better than a languishing top.


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