Triangles All Round {a finish}

A couple of weeks ago now was the Modern Quilt Guild’s QuiltCon. This year, I decided to participate in the MQG Mini Quilt Swap (#MQGSwap). I decided to use a WiP to make it easier. As you may know, I leave everything to the last-minute so starting with a finished top I thought would be more likely that I would complete it on time.

This top consists of nested triangles. I used all Alison Glass fabrics. A mix of Alison Glass text print, and blue Handcrafted fabrics.


I really wanted to try something new with this mini, so right up front I wanted to try faced binding. This is the tutorial I used. It was easy enough but I would fine tune the corners and work out how to finish these a little better.


I quilted it using my walking foot for straight lines. I created a focal point using the tip of the triangle as the pointer. For interest, I varied the widths. Also,  I stitched in the ditch for the actual Handcrafted triangle, keeping with the minimalistic look.


I managed to finish it up in the Carolyn Friedlander lecture, 10 minutes before swapping. Nothing like finishing at the last-minute, though I was able to capture a quick pic outside the convention center.

4 thoughts on “Triangles All Round {a finish}

  1. Janet


    A friend has fine tuned her way of facing quilts by adding a triangle into the corners…this allows her to reduce the bulk on the corner seam and fine tune out any fullness in the binding strip.

    Her method is to cut 4 squares of fabric the same width as her facing fabric and fold in half to form a triangle. Pin triangles to each corner of the quilt top. Fold your facing fabric wrong sides together (same method as when you make binding) and pin to each side of your quilt top stopping just short of each corner. Stitch and then Under stitch the facings to prevent the facings rolling back and then turn everything to the wrong side and hand stitch your facings down.

  2. rl2b2017

    Good Morning!
    Wowee – you did a fabulous job on this mini! I’ll bet the person you swapped with was delighted at her luck. I know I would have been. Really nice job on the quilting – it looks great and really enhances the whole piece. ~smile~ Roseanne


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