Why take a break from Social Media??

This year, I have felt like I’m in some kind of funk.  I have been lacking motivation and ideas. I get in front of my sewing machine, sew a couple of lines and then take a break. As the year progressed, I noticed the time spent on social media (especially Instagram) increased and by the beginning of June it was at least 2 hours a day. The constant visual stimuli of Instagram, and watching what others were producing (which felt like over productivity) was feeding the inadequacy I was feeling. I was feeling anxiety about not making progress around my own work.


With my birthday being around the corner, I decided to take a break from social media for the month of June. My hopes were to take time to find me again. My goals for this month were:

  • Take some me time
  • Take an Instagram break
  • Work on my book for 1 hour each day
  • Spend a minimum of 1 hour sewing every day

Everyone was so supportive about taking a break. I lost only 2 followers on Instagram after the announcement. Those that might be wondering about how it all turned out, I got some mixed results. The biggest lesson I learnt was I need to expand it to all electronic use, unless I need to use it to accomplish the tasks I sent forth. Why? Well, you might all of a sudden binge watch all episodes of House and Dawsons Creek. 😉

Some of the positives, I was more present and more focused. I found I was more open to some design inspiration and did collect more of my book thoughts. I got some quilt this done but not as much as I would have liked (due to the binge watching).

Being Present

I did manage to add a new cubby to my solid fabric storage and its all stored based on color card order.


I was more present in my life. I visited Saxapahaw, NC for my birthday …


…and my little one graduated elementary school. So proud of him, as he was awarded the technology award for his track and grade.

Quilt Design

I did find that my mind is more open, so designs came fast and hang around in my head until I got them down on paper. I found my expressing some of my feelings in some of these. Captions are provided to explain some of the inspiration.


Crack of Light – inspired by hope of light that shines through when times are dark.


Pressure – pressure on an object causes it to give, become divided or split.


Road markings inspired by temporary lines that were drawn due to road closures.


Inspired by a image of a vintage tractor grate.


Playing with lines, inspired by volume sound bars.


What my minimalist Log Cabin design would look like.


Improvisation lines and frames inspired by ladders steps



I did make some progress on a few quilts. I have multiple projects in different stages.

I worked on some binding projects. Two of which are book quilt finishes.

…finished a couple of quilt tops.


Coliseum Quilt – A book project


Correlation Matrix – work on my 100 days of colored angles.

… worked on some straight line quilting for my rotating spokes book project.


…and finished of one quilt that was shipped off to a magazine. It should be published in November, when I will have a big reveal.

So, all in all pretty productive. I will definitely be considering another one this year. I am thinking that it should be something I do at least once every six months.

Have you tried a social media break? What worked and what didn’t work?

8 thoughts on “Why take a break from Social Media??

  1. barbora

    Michelle, thanks for this blog post. I also needed to take a break from social media. And I do not miss it at all – too much distraction for me, too much virtual life. The time spend on social media can be used to do something “real”. I prefer to concentrate on WP posts, but on a regular base. And not to forget about sewing and quilting.
    Your quilts and tops are stunning as well the quilt designs. Looking forward too see your quilt in a magazine and your book!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you. I am still working on spending less time on Instagram and reducing my time each day when I am not working. Unfortunately blogging is where I decreased which was just a time constraint issue. Obviously could be fixed by not being on IG as much. Always a work in progress 🙂

  2. aquilterstable

    Appreciated your post and thoughtfulness. I’m in a bit of a funk too and not sure what to do about it. Love the newly inspired designs and your quilt progress….

  3. Michele B

    Thanks for this thoughtful post. I too have been caught up in joining in on IG and being part of some FB quilting groups. I guess that has run its course in me because currently I’m dismayed by how little the FB groups have helped or been gratifying. I also realize I need to put myself on a schedule and stick to it to reduce the wasted time “breaks” that weren’t really needed. For me it’s the fragmentation of efforts that I need to change to feel productive. And even though I’m retired now, I have realized that feeling productive is still very important to me and I need to prioritize and schedule to make it happen. Your post came at a perfect time to help me see that it’s not just me.

  4. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    I am definitely moving toward slowly consuming less on social media as life shifts. I am glad you took the time and felt more present. I would definitely like to feel that way more consistently as well and find that social media is a bit of a double edged sword. Overall, how is your book coming? It’s definitely exciting to see that you are making progress on it.

  5. Susan Earl

    Thank you for sharing. Social media is certainly a magnet for me. It has paralyzed me creativity. I need to take that time and use it productively. I’m sure I would be happier with myself, much more than I am now.

  6. Mabel

    It’s wonderful that you took sometime off from media! We do too much as it is . So overwhelming! The brain needs some rest! We’re your true followers, that admire your talent and creativity. Do what is best for you and your family 👏🌺😘

  7. Vivienne Sims

    Although I missed your posts 😉 I did think taking a break from social media was an inspired idea that more of us probably need to embrace. Interesting to now read your reasoning behind it. I have often wondered if/how constantly seeing other people’s creations has had an impact on my own creativity…


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