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Stay Tuned for Book Review Tuesday

In my first of year of quilting, I have discovered two things I enjoy buying – Fabric + Quilting and Design Books. I will admit, I have a little addiction to both….who doesn’t, right :-).


I would love the opportunity to share the quilting books I have been reading and trying out. So, every two weeks, on Tuesday, I am going to do a book review and share projects, blocks or ideas from the book.  I am going to try this out for one year, and if you all enjoy it, we can keep it going.

Oh, and the BIG NEWS….In conjunction with the review, I will have a give-away for that particular book each week.

What do you think? Do you like the idea? What would you like to see first?

I have so many ideas, we can try through-out the year, to make this fun all round. For example:

  • Choosing a book, one month, and do a link-up for a project from that book (like a book club fashion).
  • Having different folks host a review (the give-away would be covered).
  • Possibilities for blog hops highlighting projects from the selected book.
  • Maybe a “Guess Who” where clues are given, project is shown but the book is not shared (mystery book) until announcement of the give-away winner.

I am starting the event next week. I hope you will come back, participate and enjoy the experience as much as I do.

A disclaimer, all reviews and opinions of the books reviewed will be mine, unless otherwise stated.