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Clashy Bright Mosaic Entries

Rachel over at Stitched in Color is running another mosaic competition in conjunction with Marmalade Fabrics. I so enjoyed the last one, as I am always seeing colors combinations I can translate into fabric selections. This time since the goal is to look at bright, high volume colors, and she has some great photos for inspiration in her post.

This is my first entry:


which is based on this amazing photo of flowers in the Netherlands (I am thinking tulips). The vibrancy has been one of my favorites for a while now and I am thinking that this would be a great striped quilt.


The second entry is inspired by a bright tiled wall of randomly placed tiles. I decided that I really liked the idea of an entry with pre-dominant solids which are the bright tiles and then the lower volume, less bright tiles being of prints.

The tiled wall of inspiration:


Both of these photos, I found via pinterest and are on my design board. I hope you all will go over and take a stab at creating your own mosaic…have fun!!

After a little more playing around, my ultimate solid collection, I would probably chose, to represent the tiled wall is: