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Growth charts: Keepsake record

So I am thinking I should make more of the growth charts and post them on my Etsy store…..What do you think?

I love the idea of keeping a record of your child’s height. I started making growth charts for our friends and one for our son, thinking that a door frame is not overly portable. Below are two of the growth charts I have made and have made photos of :-).

The first is the one I made for our son – its “Sam I am” from “Green Eggs and Ham”. The second is “Elmer” who is a patchwork elephant.


Sam I am’s body is made of about 100 pieces of felt, the plate made of tin foil. I try to use different textures, giving it more dimension and more visual interest. The Elmer growth chart also has a flexible multi-pieced stick to record the height, it’s not shown here in the picture.

It starts with an idea. I bring that alive using hardwood, draw a shape free hand, then cut around it and sand down the rough edges. I paint the hardwood white with a few coats of paint. I choose fabrics and other materials, spent time cutting, placing and gluing them on the cut shape.



New Materials…Excited

I am so excited.  Today, I got a package of new fabrics from Spoonflower.com – which has amazing print designs.

Kid Fabrics

Fabrics for our quilt

Fabrics for boys kids quilt

Purples and Greens for future projects

I also went by the Goodwill shop, recently and found some more ties. It was a good find.

The last thing, I wanted to show was the labels for some of my new products in my Etsy store “Squeek Crafts”. You can actually make your own labels with an ink jet printer.