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QDAD: Quilt Design a Day (Week 14)

This week I decided to take on my own study – a study minimalism. New Zealand Maori designs  are predominantly colored red, black and white.


This limited color palette helped focus the color palette and add to the study of minimalism, this week. I managed to do 3 series of designs.

Series 1: Houdini

In this first design, I was hoping to capture the idea of feeling trapped. The black background showing the blackness, fear, and emptiness this may bring.


I played with the design a little more to see how red would change the look and feel. I love it with the red.QDAD_TrappedRed_22September

This is obviously a follow-up to “Trapped” and represents release/freedom/escape.


Again, the look of the design in red.QDAD_EscapedRed_22September

I was thinking through the escape and placement of the white bar and decided to move it further away and place at the opposite side.QDAD_Escaped3_22September

Series 2: Quartet

Series 2 is designed to be a set of 4 panels that would/could be placed as side by side wall hangings each at 6″ x 12″. Here are the initial 4 panels.
QDAD_Panel1_24September QDAD_Panel2Red_24September  QDAD_Panel3_25September QDAD_Panel4_25September

I have redesigned the second panel to look like this, which I may actually use if I make these up.


Series 3:

This series, which may not be complete, was playing with squares and rectangles and how sections align and are sectioned off.







I really enjoyed the design activity this week and love looking at the simplicity of color and shapes. I am linking up with Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts for Let’s bee Social (see button on the right).