Current Sewing Projects: Quilts and Chair Bags

So I have been off work recovering from sinus surgery, which went really well, the only issue is boredom. I decided to start 3 sewing projects while in isolation ;-):

  1. Quilt for my Niece for Christmas – Four Seasons Quilt
  2. Quilt for our bed – Grey and Orange Quilt
  3. Chair pockets/Chair Bags

This is my first time quilting and I am enjoying it, and I have been pleasantly surprised by my sewing skills. Here’s what the beginnings look like.

Project 1: Four Seasons Quilt
I wanted the quilt for my niece to be fun and have multiple textures. I came up with a 4 panel design that shows an apple tree in Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall, and Winter. My goal is a 54 x 90 in. quilt. I drew templates for the major material pieces and cut everything out yesterday.

Template Cutting:









Here’s Spring all sewed to the panel:





Now I have started sewing on the buttons which I am using for the leaves and blossums.





The other seasons will look like:





Project 2: Our Quilt – Grey and Orange

My husband and I have been looking for a quilt for a while but we have not been able to find one we like. So this is the first square of 64:




Project 3: Chair Bags/Chair Pockets

My mum use to make us chair bags when we were kids. It was a easy project that helped me get sewing again. I made these ones for my son’s new wood chairs:





I enjoyed these so much that I am also making more of these chair bags which I am hoping to sell them for $30 for a set of 2. Here are the swatches I chose to start with.

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