Kid-friendly Caterpillar Cork board

My son just graduated pre-school in August, as a thank you gift to his class, we gave them a caterpillar patchwork/cork board to hang on the wall.


Each of the circles were cut from backing board; the patchwork circles were painted white and the cork boards were painted green, orange and blue, respectively.

Fabrics were chosen, cut in rectangles and glued to the surface and then trimmed. The rows were designed so that each row was maintained over the 3 circles and repetition of color rectangle per row was minimal.

The wine corks were placed on the boards in 3 different patterns – length-wise left to right, length-wise top to bottom, and top-wise (the top of the cork on the surface).

IMG_0170 IMG_0173 IMG_0175

Baby socks were sewed and tied to cord which had been threaded at the top with stem wire. The wire was added to allow bending to give some structure to the legs.

The face was made from a smaller circle; painted white with craft eyes which were glued on. The smile and outside eye were hand-painted lines, and pipe cleaners were used as feelers.

My son’s pre-school teachers loved it, which I am glad as they took amazing care of my son for 2 years. It gives them a great space to hang the kids arts and be able to add feature pieces whenever they need.

green tri2

6 thoughts on “Kid-friendly Caterpillar Cork board

  1. Karen

    I love this! The little socks are so cute too! I’m definitely going to be asking my friends to save me their corks now! Thanks for linking up to the challenge 🙂


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