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WiP Wednesday: New quilt/block and Sewing room ideas

It’s another one of those weeks where ideas are coming fast and furious but I have no time to finish anything. The best I can do is just take one project at a time. Here’s what I am working on this week and a couple of ideas I am hoping to implement….Let me know what you think about the ideas below.

Paper Piecing block/New Quilt
I have started a new paper piecing block which I am testing for Juliet @ Tartankiwi. It is another New Zealand bird and this is the 3rd for this series I have made….I have decided to take Laura’s suggestion and make a quilt from the blocks. The first piece is complete.IMG_8555

Chair Bags
I have 3 orders to make this weekend. One is in a similar color palate to this one but with dark purple corduroy.

The other two are for older boys (5 & 7) using this fabric as a main pocket….I love this fabric it is a science experiment.

Ideas for my sewing room
I came up with two new things in my sewing room space…..first off, I added a cork board which I made. I will hang it on the wall over the weekend, but it is right beside my sewing machine and it has a list of my to-do projects for the month.  I can get the satisfaction of crossing things off as I go 🙂IMG_8556

Secondly, I really want a bigger space for my design boards. Right now, I have a make shift one which I can move and put away whenever I like. Problem is it’s not really big enough. I have been struggling with, what to do about a design wall, as I have no straight walls really….then it struck me last night (this is when all my best ideas come :-))…..why not put a sliding/hanging door from my ceiling that I can frame/cover in flannel.  I am thinking about something similar  these doors in the photos:

I am thinking I can put it in front of the bookcase in the picture below and when I need to use it I can pull it out. The whole door would move back and forward on a track. That would give me a decent sized floor to ceiling design wall. What do you think???


Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

New stock available

After all the effort for the craft fair, I am happy to share some of those pieces in my Etsy store – Squeek Crafts. I hope you like the pieces.

The new stock includes:

Cork boards
IMG_0632 IMG_0635

Coffee Cup Sleeves
IMG_0606  IMG_0602IMG_0615

and of course the Chair Bags/Chair Pockets


Kid-friendly Caterpillar Cork board

My son just graduated pre-school in August, as a thank you gift to his class, we gave them a caterpillar patchwork/cork board to hang on the wall.


Each of the circles were cut from backing board; the patchwork circles were painted white and the cork boards were painted green, orange and blue, respectively.

Fabrics were chosen, cut in rectangles and glued to the surface and then trimmed. The rows were designed so that each row was maintained over the 3 circles and repetition of color rectangle per row was minimal.

The wine corks were placed on the boards in 3 different patterns – length-wise left to right, length-wise top to bottom, and top-wise (the top of the cork on the surface).

IMG_0170 IMG_0173 IMG_0175

Baby socks were sewed and tied to cord which had been threaded at the top with stem wire. The wire was added to allow bending to give some structure to the legs.

The face was made from a smaller circle; painted white with craft eyes which were glued on. The smile and outside eye were hand-painted lines, and pipe cleaners were used as feelers.

My son’s pre-school teachers loved it, which I am glad as they took amazing care of my son for 2 years. It gives them a great space to hang the kids arts and be able to add feature pieces whenever they need.

green tri2