Thanksgiving and our wine arrived!!!

Today, was thanksgiving here in the US. We are very thankful for our family. Sean and I are camping in a tent, in the backyard tonight, to have some quality time together. It is a little cold out here but not too bad under the sleeping bag and duvet. We will see how it is early in the morning.

Talking about family, I am very proud of my brother who is the assistant winemaker at Moana Park Vineyards, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. He has been kind enough to send over a case of wine which arrived yesterday. I am so excited, the last lot we got was amazing, and I am sure this will be too.

Here are the reserves that we got; Merlot Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonney, Viognier (and yes those stickers are awards and medals on the bottles 🙂 ):

Here are an assortment of wine for the rest of the case (Viognier, Merlot Malbec, Syrah and Chardonney):

Now to enjoy it!!!

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