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Warning: Elf on the shelf

Thanksgiving has past and we are getting ready for Christmas. Yesterday we bought our Christmas Tree from the local YMCA – its  a beautiful tree. Since the Christmas tree arrived, the elf on the shelf arrived too, this morning.

This is the first year we have done elf on the shelf. We read the Elf on the Shelf book, to prep our 5 year old son on what the elf does. He understood that the Elf is going to inform Santa if he is good or bad each day, and in the morning he will be able to find the elf in a new spot. He was so excited when going to bed.

This morning he got up and hunted for the elf. He found it, and then went and hid from him. The “elf on the shelf” idea has back fired on us somewhat. He has taken it very seriously and is now a little scared/worried/apprehensive of this elf that is watching him.

I was a little worried and asked him if we should send him away – he did say “No” then added “I want to give Santa my list”. We called him Mr. Underpants (trying to keep to light). I will post a photo of Mr. Underpants, new place in the house every day (letting Sean participate in taking the photos as well….that might make it a little better). We will keep going and I hope the acceptance of the elf improves as we go.

Week 1: Photo Journal

Week 2: Photo Journal

Week 3: Photo Journal

Other Christmas preparations; I am making these cute felt ornaments. The mittens, I am selling in the upcoming Craft fair at work, and I am still thinking about the Christmas tree one (this first one was a sample).

The Christmas tree is an idea from this link.

Thanksgiving and our wine arrived!!!

Today, was thanksgiving here in the US. We are very thankful for our family. Sean and I are camping in a tent, in the backyard tonight, to have some quality time together. It is a little cold out here but not too bad under the sleeping bag and duvet. We will see how it is early in the morning.

Talking about family, I am very proud of my brother who is the assistant winemaker at Moana Park Vineyards, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. He has been kind enough to send over a case of wine which arrived yesterday. I am so excited, the last lot we got was amazing, and I am sure this will be too.

Here are the reserves that we got; Merlot Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonney, Viognier (and yes those stickers are awards and medals on the bottles 🙂 ):

Here are an assortment of wine for the rest of the case (Viognier, Merlot Malbec, Syrah and Chardonney):

Now to enjoy it!!!