WiP Wednesday {24.04.2013}

I am continuing on with postage stamp cushions this week and thoroughly enjoying piecing them together. Last week, I posted about this one below, which I hope to finish by this Friday:


The biggest reward I got after sharing this one with everyone, was my 5-year-old asked if he could have one too. Surprisingly, I felt so proud and delighted he wanted one :-), of course I replied and off I went to make one.

I recently purchased the Constellations bundle by Lizzie House for Andover,  as I want to use it in a quilt for my son. I decided that I would use a strip of each fabric and add a wonky star in yellow for the sun. I have sewn all the strips for the pillow (10 of them) and here are the top 8 (all I could fit on my hanger). You can see the wonky star which was my first wonky star – it was fun seeing how the pieces come together. I am loving the constellation fabric – great for a boy. The photo has been rotated so you can see what the final pillow will look like.


I am thinking of either quilting straight lines 1/4 inch from the seams (both horizontal and vertically) or diagonal lines through the corners. I am again hoping to have at least the top finish by Friday to show every one.

Anyway, we are over the hump of the week, hope everyone’s week is going well.

11 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday {24.04.2013}

  1. Ashley

    I am loving how the yellow star is so bright and cheery with the constellation fabric! that is one of my favorite lines (that i’ve resisted buying…. eeeeeek) You are making me wish I knew how to make pillows because I have some mini charms I’d love to turn into a cheery pillow! Awesome job!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you, the fabric is wonderful 🙂 Pillows are simple and a nice quick and small project. Our quilt guild have a swap for June. If you want to have a go – I love the book Pillow Pop which has recently been released. There is even a flickr group to try things out with others and get guidance 🙂

      1. Ashley

        I will have to try that book – I am such a visual learner – sometimes I’m able to teach myself from books. At least I can make the top until someone can teach me? Maybe? hahah.

  2. Jenny

    It’s hard to find good boy fabric, especially if your boy is over 3– Constellations is a great boy choice! And I love wonky stars. What a great pairing 🙂

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