WiP Wednesday: Too many projects to count

Folks, last night I got to see, for the first time, Ashley @ Wasn’t Quilt in a Day. Can I just say that it was so wonderful to finally put faces to names of some of my blogging friends lately. We had a great time over dinner in NJ, talking mostly about fabric and quilting. I am sure, my Mum, who gracious agreed to dinner (while I am showing her round NY), was thinking I might have a slight addiction issue. At least it is a “healthy” one, right??

P.S. to Ashley, you do know what we forgot to do though….take a selfie for instagram….what kind of social media butterflies are we ???

I have so many unfinished projects at the moment and these are what I stress about. Not what everyone is doing….the pile that is constantly growing. This week my focus is still on this block which I need to sew up and make one more of:

Finish my Mum’s pillows before she leaves on Saturday – just need to finish the border on the right block and add the back…probably doable on Friday??
TapaStar_Solid_Pillow TapaStarBlocks_complete

Complete at least another two blocks from my sampler quilt….I have this one done thanks to sew down:

Linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button on right).

7 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday: Too many projects to count

  1. Ashley

    I thought that when I drove away! I overgram my life all the time, and I forgot to get a picture. I had such a blast last night, and your mom definitely thinks we have an addiction. Loved seeing you and I’m even more excited now about coming to NC this summer!

  2. billiemick

    I call all my quilts UFOs as soon as I put in the first bobbin, because I get lured away before I ever finish one.

  3. daisyaschehoug

    That sampler block is great!!! I’m starting to stress a little over unfinished projects, but I have a goal of getting a bunch of things ready to bind and hand finish at our upcoming family trip to the beach.

  4. katie

    How fun — I have only met one person from social media and it was before I really did a lot of blogging but I would love to do more of it and Ashley seems like such an awesome person.

  5. clumsykristel

    At least they’re gorgeous projects that need working on? 🙂

    (I just added one more project to my WIP pile, so I can relate, though. I do think you’re better than me at actually finishing things, though!)


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