Sunday Stash #14: A BIG purchase

I have been sewing/quilting for the past ~18 months on a brother machine, I purchased of amazon for $150.
It is a great lightweight machine (very portable) and a great machine to learn on, as I was 18 months ago.  However, I have been struggling on it recently because:

  • It is having trouble going over seams and I have to lift the foot slightly to keep it moving (probably need the foot pressure adjusted)
  • The stitches are a little irregular.
  • Lastly but the most important point….it has a little harp space. I have been pulling my quilts through that tiny space.

So, I had made the decision that I will look at another machine. My biggest criteria was enough harp space that I can easily quilt without slipped stitches or moved stitches from yanking it through that space. Luckily, I was going to Sew Down and I was excited about using one of the supplied machines to see what sewing/quilting was like on another machine. In the FMQ and Paper Piecing classes they provided Janome 8900 QCP.

I liked it so much, and the fact there was a 60% discount/ no sales tax/free shipping…just made it so appealing….that this came home with me this week…..
I have been sewing yesterday on it, trying to finish up my Carolyn Friedlander Aerial Quilt. My favorite features so far:

  • The hidden thread and the storage compartments for all the components.
  • The wonderful large pedal
  • The cool automatic thread cutter feature.
  • The evenness and smoothness of the stitches

We are definitely going to be “Besties” for life 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #14: A BIG purchase

  1. quiltykanuck

    Very nice… I’ve been toying with getting a more performant machine (I have a 60 year old Viking), but I have sentimental attachment to my oldie. I’ll probably just jump in one day… I feel like I’d be letting go of an old friend! 🙂

  2. katechiconi

    I like my Janome 3018, it’s done thousands of miles of faithful sewing, but like you, I struggle with small throat space. To the extent that I’ve actually started hand quilting a lot more. One day, one day…. Beautiful machine, enjoy!

  3. Renee

    It’s beautiful! I went from my mom’s old Janome to the 6300, which has a 9″ throat and love all the same features you mentioned–plus: on/off switch, knee lifter, needle threader, separate bobbin motor. I so wanted the Horizon–I REALLY miss having a free arm!! Someday…someday…

  4. Cindy N

    I love my Janome 7500 and the throat space will be a life changer. My favorite feature is the thread cutter. I used to scoff at that and say I was perfectly capable of cutting the thread but once you get used to it, you never want to go back.

  5. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    That is an impressive Sunday Stash alright! Jealous of that huge harp, Michelle. And I agree with Cindy – I have a little built in thread cutter on my Janome (that I didn’t even know was on it for a year! lol). Now that I’m used to using it, I can’t imagine going back to scissors : P

  6. trkingmomoe

    I have a brother’s and love it. I bought it last fall. I only paid $200 for mine. It has the block letters for labeling. It also has the quilting table area that has the little feet. It was their quilting model. I have an older one with less features that I bought 5 years ago and my grand daughter is sewing on that one now. You are going to just love it.


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