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Easter Sunday Stash

I have been doing pretty well using my stash more often. The past week or so, I have made some purchases.

Did you know Lotta Jansdotter now has fabrics at JoAnn’s?? She does… and I loved them. They are a little expensive without coupons (@ $13 a yard), but luckily they were on sale (@ $9 a yard) + I had a 40% off coupon, so they worked out to be around $5.50 a yard. My favorite is that oar print on the left…it was also end of bolt so I landed up with just over 2 yards of that print.


I have been doing some new designs that need to have a brown but I could not work out which Kona would work. I had chocolate and earth but did not like those two with the other colors. I landed up buying most of the others from Fat Quarter Shop. I have immediate plans for the espresso!!


Lastly, I decided to pick up some prints from Sew Lux Fabrics, and a few books from Amazon. These were a great welcome home from my business trip yesterday. On my way to the airport and while reading my new Dwell magazine, inspiration hit. So on the plane yesterday, I decided to do some sketches, making sure I did not forget what I was playing around with in my head.Books_Fabrics

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Sunday Stash: New fabric lines

Once again, there are so many new fabric lines that I am liking!! Here are a couple I recently purchased selected prints of.

Hello, Bear: Love the muted palette, especially the splashes of teal and coral amongst the neutrals.

Yoyogi Park: A friend Just let us know she was pregant, and then I received Hawthorne Threads newsletter with this wonderful line from Skinny La Minx. Perfect for a baby quilt – right!!

Elizabeth: Of course Tula Pink’s new line, my favorite prints are the stripes.  I did not pink up the flower pints. Don’t shot me, but this is one of first Tula Pink’s lines I have liked a majority of the prints, in a while. I think there are some great basics in this line that can be mixed in with other prints.

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Sunday Stash: Stash Building

I have been trying very hard to reduce my shopping and stick with “Sew my Stash 2015”. It has gone pretty well so far, except for the past two weeks, when I have not been able to sew. I call this the aftershock of QuiltCon, just too exhausted and overwhelmed – needing to recuperate (hehehe).


I will say, other than my new Janome Machine which I needed for traveling around, I was very conservative with my QuiltCon purchases. I only picked a few Japanese Fabrics. The calendar print I plan on using as backing for a quilt; the sheep, I mean do I need to say more :-)…and then of course some Yoshiko Jenzinji fabrics were included.


That was it for my QuiltCon haul, however, I have also bought some fabrics for my stash.

Warm Palette colors:

I am not usually a pink fan but recently have been working with it and I found I needed a little more brighter choices. I found those fantastic foxes at my LQS (Cary Quilting Company) and could not resist.

Cool color palettes: GreenStash

After attending Vanessa Christensen’s class at QuiltCon, I decided I need to pick up a couple of the Ombre Strips….I see new pillows in my future. My favorite print though, is that middle one with the bees and flowers. It is a print from Norwegian Wood by Hawthorne Threads Beekeeping in White.

Neutral Stash (of course mostly grays):

These purchases were a mix from Hawthorne threads and LQS (Cary Quilting Company). I am digging the Katrina Roccella Cuneiform Script prints (3rd and 6th from the left). I am desperately waiting for some of the C+S black and white prints to join some of these in a new quilt design I am working on.

That’s it. Next week, I have a couple of fabric lines to share. Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash (see button on the right).

Sunday Stash: New small Projects

I am so easily swayed with the possibility of nice things….over on Instagram Knotted Thread (knotted_thread) posted these amazing Infinity Scarfs made from the Cotton and Steel Double Gauze. It was definitely prints I had not purchased over the Christmas specials. Ok, ok I caved and I bought some.

DoubleGauzeC+SThe fabric is so soft and the colors so nice and bright. As it is getting cold here, I am sure myself and friends will appreciate a new scarf.

While looking through the new releases at Hawthorne Threads, I picked up these Etno prints as well:

  1. Contempo Pyramids in Ebony, Etno, Pat Bravo
  2. Sauvage Sky in Artic, Etno, Pat Bravo
  3. Shore remains in Trinkets, Etno, Pat Bravo

In my attempt of being good, I kept it to just these three.

Lastly, I have a quilt design I have wanted to do for a while, and I purchased the Neutral Bundle of Umbrella Prints last year that I think will be perfect. The Bundle came with a free FQ which was the Burgundy Ume print. So, I finally unpacked it, so I can start picking out some solids to go with it.

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Christmas/New Year buys + Quiltcon class materials

Few words for this post…just lots of pretty pictures of my recent purchases:

Cotton and Steel: selected prints purchased from Pink Castle Fabrics

Cotton and Steel Basics: My favorites!! purchased from Pink Castle Fabrics

Alison Glass Sun Prints: selected prints purchased from Hawthorne Threads

A couple of Prints from Fat Quarter Shop…

Making room for my Doe (purchased from Quilters Square) and other Carolyn Friedlander Prints on the bottom there…

Had to move my Kona Solids, to make room for Doe, now it has lots of room…

QuiltCon Class Materials for two of my classes, Alison Glass Embroidery Class + Lizzie House Printing Class.

That’s my belated Sunday Stash…phew!! Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.

Sunday Stash (01-2015)

Before Christmas, I was looking for thread that I could use to quilt my Rangers Station quilt. I am happy to report, I found it in Tula Pink’s Moonshine Aurifil boxes. Look, perfect matches.  This quilt will also be my Marsala submission for the upcoming Pantone submission….I know, I am ahead of schedule on this one!!

I am not going to lie….knowing that I was going to go into Sew your Stash 2015, I did do some purchasing to end 2014 and take advantage of some of the sales.

The first one was to pick up these wonderful Oakshott cotton bundles.


Another one, that has arrived are these Half yards I picked out at Fat Quarter Shop.


Only two more purchases I am waiting on, which were paid for in 2014 and planned….Doe (full yards) and some but not all of the new Cotton and Steel prints. I should have the Doe next week to show, and I am so excited. For 2015, is there any fabric lines you can’t wait for?

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Sunday Stash: Online Fabric Shop Closing Sales

The past two weeks have been a little chaotic with online fabric shops announcing closures. I was definitely a little sad in their announcements, but I did make the most of the sales.

From Pink Chalk Fabrics, I stocked up on Kona Cottons, Momo Mochi Dot Linens and some Joel Dewberry Herringbone prints.

From Sew Fresh Fabrics, I added some navy and teal prints to my stash. On the end, i also added some Kona Oyster because who doesn’t need more Kona neutrals??


Lastly, yesterday, Contemporary Cloth made an announcement on their cease to sell fabrics….so I picked up some Impressions Oakshott Cottons (picture to come when that wonderful bundle arrives).

Those were my unexpected purchases this week. Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash (see button on the right).