Circles, Stripes and Solids

I have been working on a new design which I shared on instagram at the beginning of May. The design consists of circles that are segmented in various thirds. I was not sure on whether this would land up being a fabric design (my first one…come back on Sunday for a peak) or a quilt design.


Then it struck me. If I made it a quilt design, I can use the reverse appliqué method that Carolyn Friedlander had shown me in one of her classes. Brilliant!! I have never tried reverse appliqué. Exciting!!

I was pulling fabric and deciding on colors, when another idea pop into my head. I knew that a  Robert Kaufman’s new Kona solids would be perfect for the stripes (most of these came from the Summer Kona Skinny Strips pre-cut I had which meant no cutting). They matched perfectly with a pull of Carolyn Friedlander prints from Architexture and Botanics.


I started sewing up the circles last night (approx. 8.5 ” diameter). I stopped at two circles and went to bed…..but…..after twenty minutes, I could not stop thinking about them. Don’t you hate that :-). I got up and finished all six circles.Circles_Complete

They were super quick to make up, in total for all 6 circles, maybe 90 minutes. Today, I am deciding what the background fabric will be for the circles. At least for now, I am going with a mix of 4 grey prints / Kona solids.

That’s what I am working on this week (and yes I am procrastinating the quilting of the butterfly quilt). Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button on the right).

22 thoughts on “Circles, Stripes and Solids

  1. Kelly Wilson

    Those are fantastic! I can see why you had to get back out of bed. I look forward to seeing the end result.

  2. katechiconi

    I immediately thought they were a bit nautical – lovely fresh colours. I do sympathise with the obsessive, can’t sleep because it’s in my head thing. I once dreamed a whole quilt and had to get up and draw it before I lost everything. And I made it!

  3. KAY

    I love that you got up to finish them !!!! The design is great, i have always loved stripes and circles too but never thought of putting them together.

  4. GnomeAngel

    Love these. LOVE! I’m glad I’m not the only one that goes to bed only to get back up again and go finish whatever it was you couldn’t stop thinking about. Found via WIP Wednesday on Freshly Pieced – adding you in Bloglovin because I need to see your first fabric design and how you go finishing this amazing quilt!

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