Sunday Stash #19: Printing at Spoonflower

I am so excited, as I got fabulous mail this week. It was a sample collection (ie. 8″ swatches) of my own prints, that I printed at Spoonflower.

I mentioned on Wednesday that I had a circle design using solids and stripes and could not decide between a quilt or fabric….well I am making both. Here are the  “Phased Circles” in fabric, I love how the colors printed.
Phased circles

The idea of Spoonflower is fantastic. You load up your image that you would like printed, you can modify the colors and use pic monkey for addition edits. Once you are happy with it, I recommend you add it to a collection. You can then print a sample sheet of each print in the collection (~$1.20 per print instead of the $5 per swatch), chose your fabric and check-out (these are all Kona cotton).  If you wish to sell your design then you must print off every print you wish to sell to ensure you have checked and approved it…which makes sense.

It takes about 2-3 weeks (lately, it has been a little on the slower side) to have your swatches arrive in the mail (those are US-based times). You open your bundle and then you can go back in and make it available for purchase (in fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap etc) or purchase more yardage for yourself!!

Mosaic Tiles

The theme of Geometry, landed up inspiring a few more designs, so I also have a set of “Mosaic Tiles” prints (above) and “Segmented Hexies”. Below, is the first take on the segmented Hexagons….it started off as low-volume triangle prints. The new design which is still to arrive is the same triangular design but shape in 6 triangle segmented hexagons.  You can see the top part (3 segments) of the triangle along the right side of the prints. I also fixed the gap between the repeats…so I can’t wait to see the updated prints.
Segmented Hexies_take1

I will share the modified prints when they arrive. I also have a text-based print too, that has a chemistry theme, coming too. Right now though I have to decide on a cool project to use my own fabric in.

If you are interested and taking a look, you can see all the designs here. Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash (see button on right).

12 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #19: Printing at Spoonflower

  1. quiltingjetgirl

    I love how you are color coordinating a full line! The phased circles are very awesome. Yay for trying new things! (And I totally agree, Spoonflower has been a bit on the slow side recently…)

  2. katechiconi

    I keep thinking about doing something at Spoonflower, and then not doing it. I think you may just have given me the incentive to get my act together!

  3. clumsykristel

    What a fun Sunday stash, to show off your own fabrics 😀 I really like these low volume triangles (though I think the hexagon version of it will be more awesome). I really like how vibrant the circle prints are too!

  4. Kim M

    These are awesome! I love the mosaics and I think the triangles would also be great at full saturation (instead of low volume)!

  5. Kelsey

    Those stripey circle fabrics and fantastic! Are these sample sheets you’re ordering on paper or fabric? Why are they so much less than the swatches?


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