It’s Alive…

…well at least a project that continues to grow. Last week, I had to fly to Las Vegas for a 3 hour meeting. It meant that I had at least 14 hours on a plane/in an airport….


and one night in a hotel with a great view….

and to keep me company my travel project….yes, it was my hexie quilt. Some details/reminders on this WiP:

  • It has been just over 1 year of sewing these hexies together.
  • I only really work on it at bees and traveling.
  • All the prints are unique (except for one or two where I accidentally reused).
  • It shows a great history of prints I have used for other projects as I always try to use the scraps
  • I am aiming for a lap quilt (~60″) and right now at the widest its 42″

Do you have a travel project? What project do you take with you when you are away from your sewing machine.HexagonQuilt_fromTopLinking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (button on the right).



11 thoughts on “It’s Alive…

  1. Jan O

    Very colorful! What a nice memory quilt of all your favorite fabrics and projects! I belong to a hand-piecing bee and if I’m travelling, I usually take along the monthly project.

  2. buttontreelane

    It’s wonderful! And will tell so many stories of other quilts made.

    I work on hexies too – currently have a 1/2 inch one on the go. I also have a travelling clamshell applique project to work on.

  3. Renee

    This really shows your use of bright colors and low volumes! It’s lovely so far! I make hexies on road trips…and then put them in a bag and wonder what I’ll do with them, haha.

  4. Audrey

    I have so much respect for people who do EPP. It always seems so hardcore to me, and the time it must take! Awesomeness. And this looks great!

  5. Michele

    I will be doing some travelling this fall and need to figure out a project I can take with me. I’m not sure I am ready for hexies yet, but perhaps I will try some hand quilting.

  6. Leigh Anne

    This is amazing! I just started a hexie project and am really enjoying it much more than I thought I would! It’s what I bring when travelling but I also do it on my lunch break 🙂

  7. Kate Yates

    That looks like a great travel project. I’ve been wanting to start an EPP project just for travel. I love the colors, and how scrappy this is, everything plays together so nicely!

  8. Zarkadia

    Travel projects are the best! You get all of your frustration out, and then return really renovated (maybe the travelling part also has sth to do with it!)


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