Book Review: Savor each stitch

I am so excited about this book review as I have taken a couple of Carolyn Friedlander’s classes and loved every minute of them. Not only is she such a wonderful person, but she truely inspires me with her projects and fabrics. I had high hopes for her book and after several months of waiting for the book to finally ship, I was not disappointed.


SavorEachStitchTitle: “Savor Each Stitch” – 13 quilts to make with friends
Author: Carolyn Friedlander
Publisher: Lucky Spool Media
ISBN:  978-1-94065-501-7

I found this book a fascinating read which I read cover to cover. While it contains projects, the book is a study on various topics which are covered in the 7 main sections – Line, Contrast, Scale, Color, Emphasis, Volume and Texture.

Each section talks about the idea and concept and really helps you to think about what you are doing and provides guidance that can be applied to your own projects. Each section has a little workshop/exercise that you can try out to help assist in grasping the concept that is being described. One of my favorite things is the study/analysis of the topic continues in the projects. At least 3 examples of how the project could be applied are provided.

The projects are all fabulous. I will make, at some stage, the majority of these projects as either gifts for myself or for others.

You can check out many of the projects in Carolyn’s blog post on the Spring Quilt Market.

I loved this book. It is one of the few sewing/quilting books that I have read vs. flicked through just for the projects.  I would recommend it to anyone so it is a 5/5:
images-6 images-7 images-8 images-9 images-4


Usually, I would attempt the project in the book, however, the project I will show is not from the book. My “Phased Circles” Quilt I had design and created thinking about the concepts in the book.  This quilt allowed me to explore multiple aspects: Emphasis (Design), Contrasts, Colors, and use of circles and lines.

Project: Phased Circles (Technique – Machine Piecing and Needle Turn Applique)
Phased Circles Outside
Continues to the back with the use of graduating colors.


One brand new copy of this book will be given away, all you need to do is leave a comment on “What is your favorite thing to do, to savor each stitch? Is there a project where you have stopped to think about the design or applied color theory or played with texture?”.

There is a second chance to win if you are a follower, just leave a second comment. A winner will be chosen at random this Sunday 31st August at 6pm EST.

A disclaimer, all reviews and opinions of the books reviewed will be mine, unless otherwise stated. Please note, I may not respond to all comments due to volume and bandwidth.

72 thoughts on “Book Review: Savor each stitch

  1. Sarah

    51. Lately what I’ve been doing to savor each stitch as been to put aside the more planned projects I have, and “use up a pile of scraps” that aren’t really my color or style. It has been completely freeing, because I have no worries about “wasting” fabric, and it’s helped me try new things and combinations I wouldn’t otherwise have used. The scraps were all thin triangular off-cuts, so I am combining them in various ways as is.

  2. Tabitha Keener

    52. I pretty much savor each stitch by going slowly and really checking my fabric choices before I start. My favorite part is finally being able to sew on the binding and admire (or critique with a laugh) my quilt. Thanks for a chance!

  3. ncjeepster

    54. I love taking my time when sewing, I think about color in quilt top and thread, so it will be easier to now how I want to quilt the quilt and type of designs I want ti add to the quilting.

  4. Jen Beatty

    56. I savor each stitch when I finish a UFO, on something I didn’t care for when I put it away and now love when seeing the final result.

  5. Vicki P

    59. I like to let a new project roll around in my head for a long time – ,maybe months! – to consider all the design possibilities. My favorite approach to piecing is to start loading up the design wall, rearrange blocks and then return to it often to see it with fresh eyes. It’s such a delight to enter my studio and suddenly realize how perfectly the design works! Once I start piecing in earnest I attack it seriously and work until it’s bound and labeled.

    I’ve combined solids, batiks, calicoes, modern and traditional prints in projects, if it makes sense and adds to the tactile interest. Usually I stick to a limited palette, and no matter how improvisationally I start, I almost always end up adding elements of symmetry.

    I have tons of Friedlander in my stash – I love her collections. I’d expect her book would be quite captivating.

  6. duchick

    61. I savor each stitch as I turn on my favorite Pandora station, open the curtains to my sewing room and just enjoy my time with my sewing machine. No pressure, no stress, no one bugging me, just pure joy!

  7. Jen at Bower Bird Patch

    62. For me, I reckon the most important way to savour each stitch is to make sure I’m not rushing for a deadline that’s too soon. I usually only work on one project at a time, and I often find myself rushing to meet a deadline, and this totally takes away the enjoyment but also the creative time. I love projects where I can slowly plan, collect fabrics according to what I reckon will best suit, then slowly start making…allowing original plans to change where desired.

  8. Daphna Epstein

    66. I truly savor plaing with color! I feel like a child picking colors from a crayon box or flavors from a box of chocolates!

  9. Elizabeth Bolton

    67. What a gorgeous book – this is my first exposure to it! I really love hand-quilting and hand-sewing on bindings. There is something about sitting quietly, stitching, that I find soothing and calmly thrilling. I think it’s seeing those small, even stitches appear, almost like magic, from MY needle – “did I just do that, really??” – or the hidden stitches when I’m sewing on bindings that I so admire. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Krista

    70. I follow you on blog lovin…but to answer your 2nd question, I have fun playing with color the most using Kaffe Fassett’s bold bright colors!


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