QDAD: Quilt Design a Day (October Catch-up)

I have definitely been more sporadic in my quilt design a day postings the last two months. Mostly for good reasons, QuiltCon submissions and then work has been very busy at the end of the year.

I do however have a couple of posts to catch-up on for October and November. So here are the last of the October designs that I missed. For these catch up post please take a look at the library of associated palettes over on the Facebook page.

12 October:
I love this both as a quilt but also a block. I think a this would make a great play with color.

14 October:
Still on my Josef Albers’ kick, the palette was restrictive but I loved how I could play with the shadowing/transparancy on this one.


15 October:
Obviously a really bright palette, which I would probably change. I had this block in mind and thought it may even be a possibility of using bias tape applique to make. It kind of feels a little Moroccan in nature, don’t you think?


16 October:
The palette was inspired by a speedometer and I thought a cut and insert block might be fun to play around with. This one is one of my least favorites.


19 October:
I had been inspired by a print or a pin on pinterest or something for this one. If I see something that I think, ooh that would make a great design…I try to capture it with one look and then I would go into my design tool and play around with my memory of that image. This way, I think, I can make it my own.


22 October: Celestial Spheres
You all, have seen this one already. This is a new pattern I am developing (and running a little late on). The first 30 x 30 quilt top for this design was complete – Winter Solstice.

30 October:
More plus/cross quilt design towards the end of this month. I liked the idea of turning some of the pluses as crosses and then switching the color options around (dark background vs. light and the crosses being light vs. dark pluses). I may see where this one will go and may make it up as a mini or something?? Who knows.

That was the catch-up for October. I have 3 Sew Mama Sew projects left to do so if there is definitely a design you would like a tutorial on (anywhere in my QDAD collection) let me know….and it could be one of my last 3 projects.

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