QDAD: Quilt Design a Day (November)

This is my catch-up post for November. For these catch up post please take a look at the library of associated palettes over on the Facebook page.

01 November
Playing with minimal geometric shapes and placement for this design.


02 November
I was playing with a cross block and then angles coming out from the cross. The widths of the lines also differ. I love this cooler palette.


24 November
This was my week for providing the photo and color palette for inspiration. I find a saturated color palette challenging….so that was first up. Picture was taken in Hong Kong.


25 November
New Zealand has the most amazing native forest areas and I thought this would make a great cooler palette.


26 November
On or recent trip to Savannah, there was so much inspiration around us. I love this old candy store down on the river front.
I loved the neutral color palette and the pops of green and red. I tried to also convey those surprise pops of color in my design. This is one of my favorite designs of this month.

27 November
With the other cooler palettes for the week, I wanted a warm palette.

My interpretation of the photo inspiration is not really one of my designs I liked.


30 November

The color palette and inspiration for this design came from Anne over @ Play Crafts. I loved the inspiration it was of lakes, and snow-capped tree covered mountains. This is by far my favorite design in a while.


A short month this time, as life just got busy.  I am happy though that maybe half of the designs have potential of actually being made 😉

If you would like to make or use one of my designs, please email me (ml_wilkie(at)hotmail(dot)com) or leave a comment below. I am happy to talk with you on options and provide the relevant measurements etc. or have you test out a pattern. Also, if you use one of my designs, please use the following text to credit me the design: “Designed by Michelle Wilkie @ Factotum of Arts”.

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