It takes a Village

You have seen some snippets of this project on my IG and Blog feeds the past months. For some reason, this quilt has taken me forever!!  Its not overly complicated. I had deadline pressures, which made me procrastinate and really not enjoy working on it. You know how that goes….and its not really about the project at all.

I decided that I would fix the issue by submitting another project, and just take the time I need to finish this the way I want to finish it.

Great news is, I no longer need to hide the overall quilt from you all, since I am no longer submitting it as a project. The actual front of this quilt is almost complete –  just quilting a couple more rows, and then the triangles to go.

This design was one of my early QDAD designs. It is one of my husband’s favorites. It reminds him of a village, the triangles representing roof tops. I added the circle quilting to represent the town center.

I am actually loving the brown/neutral color palette. Surprisingly, loving the C+S tack fabric print, which helped me pull in that blue solid that appears today, in the back but also will appear in the binding and quilting thread color.

Isn’t it amazing what happens when you just change your perspective, and now this project works for me!!I think I actually might make my A lovely year of Finishes deadline this month!!

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6 thoughts on “It takes a Village

  1. Renee

    I totally get that about deadlines and projects! I’m glad you’re enjoying it again and don’t feel the deadline stress with it. I like browns a lot, and the added blue is very pretty!

  2. Jan-Michael

    This is beautiful! I love the blue quilting design in the peak of the roof. The circle town center quilting reminds me of the Olympic medal design from the 2006 Turin games. The open circle was supposed to be open to the heart and represent the town center. (Or at least that is my recollection. ) Beautiful work!

  3. katechiconi

    I’ve always dislike official deadlines, even if they’re self-imposed. Sometimes you just need more thinking or unpicking or rethinking time. Congratulations on giving yourself the time you need!

  4. quiltingjetgirl

    It’s great you were able to reframe the purpose behind the quilt and get back to enjoying working on it, Michelle. I really like your use of quilting to emphasis the village vibe.


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