Last official finish 2015: Negative Crosswalk

Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 29 NEGATIVE CROSSWALKS
[Photo provided by Love Patchwork & Quilting]

I feel so appreciative for the chances I have had this past year. The last of the year, my “Negative Crosswalk” quilt and pillow were published in Love Patchwork & Quilting, Issue 29 (arriving in stores this week in the US). I love this photo, they did an amazing job with staging my quilt.

The quilt came from one of my quilt design a day’s design.

The quilt has come home now. It’s one of my favorites. I love the graduation of the back to light greys. I continued the lines through the edge, in the binding.


The quilting was all straight line quilting with my walking foot. I used 1/2″ lines for negative space and then matchstick quilting for the crosswalk pieces. I used matching Aurifil thread which worked out great.


I wanted to continue the striped theme on the back. I used a variety of striped fabric (black, grey and white stripes) to comprise the back with a couple of pops of color (from Tula Pink Elizabeth prints).



Name: Negative Crosswalk
Designed by me, Pattern in Issue 29 – Love Patchwork Quilting.
Fabric: Kona Cottons + Various striped prints (Lotta Jansdotter, Cotton + Steel, Tula Pink)
Dimensions: 60ā€³ x 60ā€³
Quilted: Straight Line quilting, Aurifil 50wt various grey’s, white 2024.

I am looking forward to entering it into Quiltcon 2017. It will be the first time, I will finish a quilt with plenty of time to spare :-).


17 thoughts on “Last official finish 2015: Negative Crosswalk

  1. Karen

    Congratulations on being featured in the magazine and being such an early bird for Quiltcon, Michelle. It’s a beautiful quilt! So, I’m guessing you bound it by piecing the black and greys into your binding, somehow getting everything to line up perfectly–amazing!

  2. Sandra W

    The quilt is lovely. Just wondering though how anonymous quilt judging works when many bloggers announce/show their quilts in advance and clearly identify the maker. Also, aren’t you going be put at a disadvantage when other competitors see your entry in advance?

  3. Joanna

    Love the simplistic design! I think it also looks great on your pic where your watermark is, imagining there’s another vertical grey bar on the opposite side too šŸ™‚

    The back looks pretty awesome! I’m in awe that it looks like all the straight lines are matched up so straight and that your quilting didn’t make the lines in the print wobble!

  4. janequiltsslowly

    I really like this design. I feel like I need to explore the line theme in a future quilt. So inspired.

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