Sewing Studio: Final make-over

Every so often, I have posted here about my sewing room and how it has been transitioning over time into more of a studio. Except for the wood floors (that may never come), I think finally have the ultimate space for me.

Over the holiday, my husband moved his office out, to the third floor….woohoo. This opened up my room. I realized that I could use the same storage we have in our walk in closet (Ikea), along the stair case railings. A space that was not really usable, became usable.
I love having my Kona’s in one spot and have a hanging area for my backs. This space is also used for all my scraps and my WiPs.

I have also added a new chair from Ikea, which is the new home for a great cushion/pillow that I got for Christmas (from wonderful Nicole @ mamalovequilts).  I now have this amazing 8×7 foot design wall which has already been put to good use.


Of course, you can’t have a comfy chair without a footstool. I managed to finally finish one of my WiPs using Cloud9’s barkcloth. It was a total fluke that the columns lined up in the panels.

These are additions to my sitting area, where I can sit and blog or have coffee with friends.

This is an older picture of my sitting area, as I replaced that little design wall with an inspiration design board. Its made of cork tiles.

One final photo of my new-ish table, that I teach, host friends and quilt large projects on. It seats 4 people with machines ok. At the back is my project table and fabric storage which has been uncluttered of late with the new storage.

If I can work out periscope sometime, I will actually give you all a walk through. Anyway, I love this space and I hope you enjoyed my photo journal of my space :-).




9 thoughts on “Sewing Studio: Final make-over

  1. farmquilter

    Looks fabulous!!! You really maximized the space with the Ikea closet. A great place to create beautiful quilts!

  2. Debbie

    oh goodness it’s terrific! I especially love that unit by the stairs and your SITTING area! That I do not have but like the idea of! Very nice! I’m so pleased for you!


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