I had such a blast last week, participating in Amy’s IGQuiltfest.  For those that are not on Instagram (IG) or missed it last week, Amy came up with 5 daily prompts in which you posted photos relating to those prompts.

Monday – Finally Finished

My finally finished quilt was my Spoonflower Sampler Quilt, which I posted about yesterday.
Spoonflower Sampler Quilt

Tuesday – Recently Finished

Cherie D’Amour is another long-time WiP, that I just recently finished. I plan to post about it next week so stay tuned!!
Cheri DAmour

Wednesday – Quilts in the Wild

The idea of quilts in the wild to see how quilts are used. This is my son’s room. He loves making his own cave out of my finished quilts. On display here are:

Quilt tents

Thursday – Fast Finish

My fast finishes include these mini quilts that I have on my wall at work. They keep me calm and a smile on my face. My quilts on my wall include (Left – Right):


Mini Wall Hanging Quilts

Friday – WiP (Work in Progress)

On Friday, it was about your WiPs. I have 4 featured here in my sewing studio:

  • Mum’s Quilt (front),  which I tried table basting and loved it. I think this is my way forward with basting
  • Push me, Pull me quilt (on chair), ready to be sent off for quilting
  • Treehouse Ladders (left on design wall) is my entry for the Michael Miller Challenge for Sewtopia Atlanta. It’s me, channeling Pop Art Theme.
  • Beating Heart Quilt (right on design wall), my minimalism of a heart made from Ruby Red Oakshott Cotton Bundle.

WiP_Sewing Studio

I hope those who did participate had a great time. There was so much inspiration, check out #igquiltfest on Instagram.

3 thoughts on “IGQuiltfest

  1. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    I thought the #IGQuiltFest was a brilliant idea, and it was even more amazing than I had hoped. Your projects were all featured so well, there, and I enjoyed that we got to share so much of our work during the week!


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