Working with Fractions {WiP}

I was so excited to find out that my son’s 3rd grade math homework was working with fractions. He was tasked to make his own quilt design, breaking a square into fractions. This is what he came up with (at the bottom of the page).


We talked about making it into an actual quilt. He was so excited. This weekend, I needed a break from my other projects and made up a couple of 7″ test blocks. Hilariously, he came into my studio “Mum, these are cool but I want it to be BIG”.

He bought into my color palette, that was really based on how much yardage I had available.  Kona white, silver and plenty of yardage of pickle and highlight, with a pop of stone, was in for the win.


Color placement of this palette (right border still to add) was so fun to play with. Also, if you have not tried playing with a block turned into a large scale design, it is a lot of fun, highly recommend it.

My favorite thing though, was working with him on the design. We are thinking about a series of his fraction blocks, for a future project (maybe, for end of year teacher gifts).

Linking up with Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts for Let’s bee Social (tomorrow).

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15 thoughts on “Working with Fractions {WiP}

  1. katechiconi

    It would be fun to do one that had all the fractions on the ruler, from one half to one thirty-second. That would have to be quite a big one also, but how cool as a learning tool!

  2. Karen

    Wow! He knocked it out of the park! As a retired 3rd/4th grade teacher, his work would have sent me down the hall showing it off to all of my colleagues. A well raised future quilter 🙂 I’d invite his mom to class to show all the fractions in the quilts she makes–lucky teacher and kids!

  3. Brenda

    How very exciting! Reminds me of a book I have on mathematical quilts. It’s intended as a math book, but the quilts are makeable.

    I hope he takes the quilt top to school for show and tell. It might be difficult to finish for a teacher’s gift this year.

  4. Jayne

    I saw this on IG and was smiling then and I’m smiling now! Imagine having quilt math as a child…I might have a different outlook on math altogether!

  5. Sarah@123quilt

    I think it’s awesome that you worked on a project together. I also think that end of year teacher gifts based on homework is such a great idea. I’m sure the teachers would love it.

  6. Jen R.

    What a great project! And that, kids, is why you need math. 🙂
    My boy is a bit older, but he really enjoys designing quilts too. There’s been a time or two when he has measured out fabric for one of his designs. It is a good memory to have, working on something like that together.

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