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Quilted Postcards

I had a goal for September to make 30 postcards in 30 days (#30daysofpostcards) and have been sharing over on Instagram. Well, I will have 30 but it will take me more like 60 days. It has been the greatest experiment to play with 4 x 6″ quilts. I love it as I get these ideas all the time, and this size allows me to play but not invest too much time, to see if it works or not.

Right now, I am at 29 postcards. I am sending around 17 of them off, as postcards, to people who wanted to receive one. They in turn will send one postcard to someone else. I love the idea of sending a traditional note, a piece of mail, with a little quilty inspiration.

The first postcard that kicked it off was inspired by my effort in finding balance. The line representing balance and the quilting about finding the positives. I had to use my wonder women stamps in this pic., it seemed fitting.


I have a couple of other book project ideas rolling around in my head. I experimented with both ideas and will likely move forward with these as book projects.

The first is a project based on the plastic construction fences.

The second an improvisational triangle idea that is based on airplanes. ImprovTriangles_Postcard

With these next two postcard, I had vivid shapes pop into my head that I could not shake. The first being a Square with a cream border on one side, and one half made up of two triangles at various heights and dimensions. I played with the white and cream solids, stripes and black linen for interest.

The second shape was split across 4 postcards, where each had a corner of a square. One of the corners was a 1/4 circle instead. In my head this 1/4 circle was also the opposite in color combination. I had not envisioned a color combination but decided when making it to do it in a navy and bright yellow. This is my favorite combination and will likely become a much larger quilt at some stage.

For the longest time, I have admired Erin Wilson’s work (@erinwilsonquilts) who does amazing line work in her quilts. These last postcards were my study of lines. I still need to quilt these two.


I have loved playing with this size that I think I might do another round, but this next one will be a cohesive collection vs. random experiments. I am thinking of playing with minimalism or just with lines in a specific color-way. The idea is still forming.

PS. If you are living in the US, I was very surprised with some of the great stamp collections the USPS (US Postal Service) has at the moment. I went a little crazy in purchasing a few, so I am thinking my son can now collect stamps ;-).

PPS. In a couple of days, I will post a tutorial so that you too can make your own quilted postcards. I am just finishing editing the photos.



April’s progress report {WiPs}

I am one of those folks that need a list to get things done. It helps me in two ways, keeps everything in order that I can no longer keep track of in my head, and also helps me celebrate when things get checked off the list. Additionally, posting my “to do” list here, provides me a level of accountability.

The list of things that are currently active is probably a little crazy at the moment. I finally have realized that I am never going to be a one project kind of girl ;-).

Almost finished, is this piece, NY High Line. The straight line quilting is progressing, and I see the light. This has been the project that I have avoided and severely procrastinated over. The 1/2″ quilting lines are color thread matched.

Some of my book projects are also coming along. I started the rainbow medallion quilt this week and I love how it’s already coming to life. I decided to break out my Carolyn Friedlander stash for this one.

I am loving traveling with this needle turn applique project (Manicured Garden). It’s perfect for all the wait-times in the airport and flying time.

The complete list of projects and stages is:

Project Dates Current Status
 NY High Line  April  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT (Underway), BIND
 Medallion  May  TOP (Underway), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Project 1 (Secret)  June  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Project 2 (Secret)  July  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Project 3 (Secret) August TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Graveyard August TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Trellis  September  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Manicured Garden September TOP (Underway), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Abstract Triangles II & III  May  Pattern Release
 Phased Circles & Lunar Lines  June  Pattern Release
 Square Dance  July  Pattern Release

That’s my progress this week. I’ll check in each month here on my blog but you can always catch-up on my Instagram feed (ml_wilkie). How do you all keep track of your projects? Are you a one project or multi-project kind of person?

Reigniting Creativity + Giveaway

I am excited to see the progress in some of my projects at the moment. Things are finally moving forward. I am traveling a bit for work at the moment, which has led to a great opportunity to diversify my projects. I think it has reignited my creativity.

I took a great class with Season Evans on hand quilting small stitches at QuiltCon. Since taking that class I am now confident in tackling the hand quilting I want to add to Orange Creamsicle quilt top. Luckily, I have a trip scheduled next week, so with my 28wt Aurifil thread in hand, I can start adding some of those lines.

The other travel project at the moment, is an applique project for my book. The blocks have been a lot of fun and I have found them relaxing. I have really enjoyed playing with selections of fabrics from my Alison Glass stash.

The bottom right block is all basted and ready for stitching. I now have plenty of choice in thread colors with my new box set of 80 wt threads, that I picked up this week from the Fat Quarter Shop. It’s fantastic for applique, you hardly see the stitches.

(FYI…I am using #ideadesigncreatequilt if you want to check out progress of my book projects over the next year).


UPDATE: Giveaway closed, winners have been contacted (Emily + Wendy).

Since, I bought my new box of threads of 80wt Aurifil,  I have some duplicate spools from a previous purchase. I would love to share these with a couple of people who are interested in trying it out. I have two “collections” of 5 spools (one neutral, the other multi-colored). I will randomly choose 2 winner’s next Monday at 10pm EST.

To win one of these “collections”, leave a comment below letting me know your favorite applique tutorial and/or technique.




In the Works {Update}

Keeping it real…I have made progress since my last post, though not as much as I hoped. At least its moving in the right direction.

So what’s happening…

From the releasing pattern front, I have managed to release the 3 pattern of 4 patterns (Abstract Triangles, Daughters Love and Altitudinal Ecosystem) with Mad Dash coming the first week in October. So overall completed all that I set out to do in September. YAY!!!

From a project perspective, they have all moved forward.

Sew Ready to Play Blog hop – The mastermind project, completed and posted a tutorial on Monday.

Mad Dash – binding is underway. I had some issues, with wonkiness when machine binding so switched to hand stitching it. I think its related to the pressure of the foot while stitching through 2 layers of batting. Only one side to go and this should be finished before the weekend.
Sunday Best – My favorite project at the moment, and I finally got over the fear of what to do with the quilting and decided to just start. After all, a finished quilt is better than an unfinished one. Right??!! Here’s how I started…

I really love this block as a whole:

Orange Creamsicle – all the blocks for the top are now complete. All hand-stitched. I just need to hand-stitch all the straight seams. This is slightly modified from what I posted on Instagram (IG), as I changed one of the blocks backgrounds for more balance (top right).orangecreamsicle_top
Directional Lines – Is a new project start but has a deadline of October 14th. It’s my #whatshadeareyou for RJR fabrics project. It is another improvisation project. Can I say I love this already and I have only done 8 lines.

Overall Project Plan

Here’s my overall project plan and recent changes.

Project Dates Current Status
 Mad Dash  September
(3rd FAL project)
 Sunday Best  September October
(4th FAL project)
 Orange Creamsicle  October TOP (underway) BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Directional Lines  October TOP (underway), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Quilt Market Project  October TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Fractions  October November
 NY High Line  November TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Ode to Clothes  November December
 Beating Heart  November December

How are your projects going??


In the Works

It has been a while since I have documented, on my blog, my WiPs. I have been using Instagram mostly to document the my additions to various projects. However,  I am feeling the need to finish some  of these projects, which lets to active planning and accountability.

So here goes….what am I working on that needs to be completed for September/October/November time frame?

September Projects – Quilts

Sunday Best: Goal is to finish this quilt in September. The top and the back are all ready for basting/quilting.

Week9_SundayBest  SundayBest_Back

Orange Creamsicle: An Improv hand-stitching project which I would like the top and back to be finished in September. I am still deciding how large it will be…maybe 36″ x 48″ or I might do 48″ x 48″??

Ode to Clothes: Part of a study that I started out of the blue last night, inspired by Lance Letscher’s paper/paint work and #makedoquilt. Made from clothes – T-Shirts with Cord and Wool Trousers. I would like the top for this one complete. It will likely be a mini quilt – currently a ~24″ square. I thinking of adding more negative space. More to come on this project.

Mad Dash: Goal is to complete this quilt, this weekend. Binding is ready to be stitched on.MadDashFront

September Projects – Pattern Releases

I am so behind on these, I know I promised patterns in August. For some reason life just gets in the way ;-).  Anyway, here are my new planned release dates.

Abstract Triangles – September 5th (next week !!)

Abstract Trio _1

Daughter’s Love: September 19th (All proceeds for the first month will go to a cancer charity).


Mad Dash: September 26th

Overall Project Plan

Project Dates Current Status

 Mad Dash

(3rd FAL project)
 Sunday Best  September
(3rd FAL project)
 Blog Hop Project  September TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Orange Creamsicle  October TOP (underway), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 World of Angles  October TOP (underway), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Quilt Market Project  October TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Fractions  October TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 NY High Line  November TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Ode to Clothes  November TOP (underway), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Beating Heart  November TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

As previously, projects are likely to shift and I am flexible with this list. It just helps me to put it down on “paper”.


Orange Creamsicle {WiP}

I have a few active projects at the moment but I think I am most excited about this one, “Orangle Creamsicle”.

I really needed a project over the summer, which did not bind me to my sewing machine. I needed a hand sewing project but I did not want to do an EPP project, as I already have one on my WiP pile.


Remember this reject block from Sunday Best? Well, this block was saying to me it needs its own quilt to belong to. I decided that I would experiment and see if I could hand stitch improv blocks. Yes, the actual piecing by hand.


The limits/boundaries I currently using for this improv quilt are:

  • Hand stitched blocks
  • Mostly orange with additions of red, pink, and yellows.
  • Accent pieces (filler) can include aqua (which makes everything pop more).
  • While the seams seem to be matching so far in the middle, I am open with accepting the blocks centers and row seams to match – let it naturally fit together.
  • Blocks are approx. 12″


I am really enjoying this project and the process. I am about a quarter of the way through and excited to see how it turns out. What hand sewing projects do you have at the moment??


Working with Fractions {WiP}

I was so excited to find out that my son’s 3rd grade math homework was working with fractions. He was tasked to make his own quilt design, breaking a square into fractions. This is what he came up with (at the bottom of the page).


We talked about making it into an actual quilt. He was so excited. This weekend, I needed a break from my other projects and made up a couple of 7″ test blocks. Hilariously, he came into my studio “Mum, these are cool but I want it to be BIG”.

He bought into my color palette, that was really based on how much yardage I had available.  Kona white, silver and plenty of yardage of pickle and highlight, with a pop of stone, was in for the win.


Color placement of this palette (right border still to add) was so fun to play with. Also, if you have not tried playing with a block turned into a large scale design, it is a lot of fun, highly recommend it.

My favorite thing though, was working with him on the design. We are thinking about a series of his fraction blocks, for a future project (maybe, for end of year teacher gifts).

Linking up with Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts for Let’s bee Social (tomorrow).

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