Reigniting Creativity + Giveaway

I am excited to see the progress in some of my projects at the moment. Things are finally moving forward. I am traveling a bit for work at the moment, which has led to a great opportunity to diversify my projects. I think it has reignited my creativity.

I took a great class with Season Evans on hand quilting small stitches at QuiltCon. Since taking that class I am now confident in tackling the hand quilting I want to add to Orange Creamsicle quilt top. Luckily, I have a trip scheduled next week, so with my 28wt Aurifil thread in hand, I can start adding some of those lines.

The other travel project at the moment, is an applique project for my book. The blocks have been a lot of fun and I have found them relaxing. I have really enjoyed playing with selections of fabrics from my Alison Glass stash.

The bottom right block is all basted and ready for stitching. I now have plenty of choice in thread colors with my new box set of 80 wt threads, that I picked up this week from the Fat Quarter Shop. It’s fantastic for applique, you hardly see the stitches.

(FYI…I am using #ideadesigncreatequilt if you want to check out progress of my book projects over the next year).


UPDATE: Giveaway closed, winners have been contacted (Emily + Wendy).

Since, I bought my new box of threads of 80wt Aurifil,  I have some duplicate spools from a previous purchase. I would love to share these with a couple of people who are interested in trying it out. I have two “collections” of 5 spools (one neutral, the other multi-colored). I will randomly choose 2 winner’s next Monday at 10pm EST.

To win one of these “collections”, leave a comment below letting me know your favorite applique tutorial and/or technique.




93 thoughts on “Reigniting Creativity + Giveaway

  1. makingwhatever

    So far I have only done the raw edge fabric modge podge method, which I thought went well, and needle turn on small improv curves. These were both used on minis and each worked well for the chosen mini. Neither is my favorite but I am interested in trying the 80wt for the handwork of the improv curves and epp.

  2. Katy(LethargicLass)

    I enjoy doing needle turn now that between Sarah Fielke and Carolyn Friedlander online classes, I feel I have it all figured out lol

  3. Debbie Gill

    Needle turn appliqué is my favorite; looks so neat! Learning how to do it by practicing! I hear aurifil 80wt is the way to go. Thanks for the chance!

  4. Thunder

    freezer paper and starch to turn edges, saw it in a video from Leah Day. would love to try the thread. thanks for the chance. 🙂

  5. Pam

    I love your blocks! I’ve recently started doing raw edge applique with decorative stitches that completely cover the edges. Then I use trapunto quilting to give the applique some dimension.

  6. Rebecca

    I’ve never tried this thread before. So would be fun to win some. I love to do needle turn on my applique.

  7. Karrie

    I’m not sure what’s it’s called, but I fuse it on the fabric and do a zig-zag stitch. I’ve only done it once. I really want to learn how to do the needle turn over method. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  8. Teje

    Hi Michelle! I love your colourful circle quilt and the applique looks amazing! I enjoy making raw edge applique but now I have tried also the needle turn applique and really like that too. Thank you for the give away! x Teje

  9. Joan H

    I use a template free back basted technique that I learned in a class bat my local quilt shop many years ago. I would love to try this thread. I usually use silk thread for appliqué

  10. iloveqayg

    my favorite “applique” quilt is a bit of cheater – I like the ticker tape quilts that are not pre – planned and use up all kinds of scraps — I love love love them when done on a white back ground.

  11. Jennifer Strauser

    What beautiful projects!
    When I do appliqué I prefer doing needle turn, mostly for Hawaiian appliqué. I’ve heard the 80 weight is good for EPP, too. I’m about to open my first spool today.

  12. Anne

    I tried raw edge applique, but I love love love Needle turn applique. I seem to use the same method you use. Works fine! Thanks for the chance to win! Have been looking to try these threads for a while now.

  13. Cindy

    I’ve done raw edge on a few small projects, but just this week I was studying up on needle turn. I want to try it! I’m thinking about taking a class locally, to gain some tricks and confidence. Plus, it’s always fun to meet new quilting ladies.

  14. Shawna

    I’ve always loved the look of applique, but I was intimidated by it until I took a class with Carolyn Friedlander. Her love for the technique really helped if feel more doable and less daunting!

  15. Rhonda

    The only applique I’ve done was using freezer paper and stitching via machine. I’ve pinned several tutorials though hoping one day to learn more about it. Thanks for chance to win; would love to try the Aurifil!

  16. Deb S

    I’ve made a decision to start applique. Have watched a video and looks like a fun skill to learn. Now needing some supplies! 😉

  17. Elizabethdx

    Your appliqué blocks are beautiful, and I’m glad they will be appearing in a book you are writing! Very exciting.
    I learned to appliqué from an online class taught by Carolyn Friedlander, which would be needle-turn, I think? Looks the same as what you are doing. It’s kind of meditative, pleasing to do.

  18. clumsykristel

    I’ve been learning a bit from watching Sarah Fielke’s class on Craftsy,… not quite a tutorial, but as close as I’ve got! I’ve done a lot of fused raw edge stuff in the past, so it’s interesting learning to do needleturn.

  19. DeborahGun

    I have just been learning needle turn appliqué from Sarah Fielke in her BOM tutorials. It is revolutionised how I think about appliqué and I am really enjoying it now. Loving your new designs by the way too 🙂

  20. Diane Beavers

    “Rookie” appliquer here! Wonder Under and Heat&Bond are the fusibles I’ve tried successfully. I do reinforce my corners or points also w/a double stitch there. Neutrals would be great to add to my little collection. Thank you so much Amy for sharing your work with us (and the threads).

  21. lapaylor

    ooooo thank you for the chance to win. I get your posts by email and have been traveling. So I love applique, different ways for different effects. Hand applique is usually needle turn, very little prep. LeeAnna at not afraid of color leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

  22. Kristine Clay

    I’ve only done raw edge applique but I’ve heard good things about Karen Kay Buckleys reverse technique.

  23. June Spencer

    I have finally found the needle turn appliqué that I can do and feel that I can master with practise. It is the technique taught by Carolyn Friedlander. Baste the shape one quarter of an inch from the edge then turn the fabric in to the basting line and stitch in place

  24. Cathy W

    I use heat and bond iron on and then a short zigzag stitch for covering up the edges, usually do it this way when sewing new baby gifts, like the baby’s initial on a onesie or on a giant receiving blanket.
    Thanks for the giveaway! and best of luck working on your book

  25. MoniqueB

    I’ve only done raw edge applique but I did enjoy it! I have so much slow stitching waiting on me at the moment that needle turned will have to wait a little while. Thanks for the chance.


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